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Name the area in which the first civilizations settled?
land between two rivers-fertile crescent
Describe the first Mesopotamians?
Why did people settle in southern Mesopotamia?
plenty of fresh water
How was early farming made successful by the early Mesopotamians?
they irrigated crops
Describe Sumerian civilizations?
ziggurats, mud, brick houses, walls around the city
What technology was developed by the Mesopotamian people?
Why was cuneiform writing better than picture writing?
it was simpler
How did Sumerians advance their civilization?
developed writing, religion, and technology
Who created the code of law?
What was the purpose of this code of law?
to protect the people
What was the difference between the Assyrians and the Babylonians?
Assyrians placed a higher value on war and conquest.
What kind of ruler was Nebuchadnezzar II?
glorious and great
What was the promise made by Abraham in his covenant with god?
What kind of kingdom was formed by uniting the Hebrew tribes?
Why was Salomon's temple built?
to house the Torah
How did the Phoenicians trading effect the world?
ideas and goods were spread
What contributes of Lydians still exist today?
Why was farming a challenge in Mesopotamia and how did the people overcome it?
farming was a challenge in Mesopotamia due to little rainfall and flooding rivers, the people solved this problem by developing irrigation systems, they used fresh water from the two rivers
How did the invention of a writing system affect Sumerian society?
The effects of a writing system on Sumerian society were:
- that they could keep track of business deals
-have a written record in case of arguments
-have books to read
-laws written down to follow
-write letters
-read others advice
What did Nebuchadnezzar II do to restore Babylon to its former glory?
Nebuchadnezzar II restored Babylon by
-taking over more land
-ordering many huge building projects to begin
-built walls to protect the great temples and city-states
-finished building the great ziggurat