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Marie Scott
(1914) lynched at age 17 b/c her bro killed a wht man who raped her.
Booker T. Washington
-born slave to unknown wht father and mother, Jane in Western Virginia(1856)
-attended local; learned to read and write.
-(1872)set off for Hampton Institute. Worked his way through school and taught for 2yrs @ Hampton after graduating.
-(1881)accepted invitation to found a blk college in Alabama -- Tuskegee Institute.
-worked tirelessly to pursuade blks and whts that the surest way for blks to advance was by learning skills and demonstrating willingness to do manual labor.
-believed if blks acquired skills and became prosperous small farmers, artisans, and shopkeepers, they wouldd in time gain the respecf of whts and eventually eradicate the race problem -- all w/ out unseemly protest and agitation. (advised blks not to participate in politics)...(didn't directly or publicly challenge wht supremacy)
W.E.B. DuBois
-born and raised in largely wht town of Great Barrington, Mass. (small community where he encountered little overt racism and developed a passion for knowledge)
-graduated from Great Barrinton High; went to Fisk Universty and graduated at 20yrs old.
-firts blk man to earn a Ph.D(history) at Harvard (1895)... pursued additional grad study in Germany.
-wrote 16 nonfiction books, 5 novels, and 2 autobiographies
-activist determined to confront disfranchisment, Jim Crow, and lynching.
-Impatient w/ whts who accepted or ignored wht domnation; had little tolerance for blks who were unwilling to demand their civil and political rights.
Johnson C. Whittaker
-born a slave(1858) on Muilberry Plantation near Camden, South Carolina. son of house slave and free man.
-(1876) nominated to West Point by wht Republican congressman soloman L.Hoge.
-spent 4yrs ostracized as the only blk cadet after a fellow blk cadet, HenryO.Flipper, graduated from the Academy (firts blk to graduate from academy)
-establish acreditable and academic record, but when he failed an exam (1878) he was required to repeat a yr.
-claimed he was assaulted by 3 masked after receiving a warning notet the day before.
-was found guilty and determined "shamming" or making up a story inorder to not fail an exam.
-court ordered him dishonorably discharge, fined him $1, and sentenced to 1 yr of hard labor.
-spent the rest of his life working w/ young blks at South Carolina State College and at Douglass High in Oaklahoma City.
-died at 72(1931); had 2 sons who were comissioned officers in an all blk unit in WWI
Henry Mc.Neil Turner
-began as a supporter of racial harmony and s U.S. patriot
-(1834)born to free blk parents in Newberry, South Carolina.
-worked in cotton feild after fathers death; learned to read and write while wroking for a wht lawyer.
-Minister who had little tolerance for wht mans religion Christianity.
-established and edited monthly AME newspaper "Voices of Missions" in which he criticized wht supremacy and lynching. he stated to blks " to get guns and attack wht predators"
-disagrees w/ blks participating in fighting fillipinos for their land... no longer praised the flag.
-he became embittered and tired and stated that "hell is an Imporvement on the U.S. where the negro is concerned"
Maggie Lena Walker
-(1883)graduated form normal school and taught primary school.
-(1886)married Armstead Walker and veiws on marriage were: "Since marriage is an equal partnership, I believe that the woman and the man are equal in power and should by consultation and agreement, mutualy decide to the conduct of the home and and the government of the children."
-became active in the Independent Order that ran a newspaper(St. Luke Herald) and a bank that she was president of.
-stressed racial concerns and attaked discrimination and lynching
-became wealth woman w/ a 22 room house.
-involved in numerous clubs and orgs.
-was also a commited Republican and ran unsuccessfully for state superintendent of public instruction.
Scott Joplin
-born in texarkana, Texas (1868)
-learned to play piano that mother had bought w/ earnings aqs a maid... may have had some training in classical music.
-learned to transfer complex banjo syncopations to piano (fused European harmonies w/ african Rythms).
-(1893)played at Columbian Exposition , Chicago.
-Soon began to write sheet music
-(1899)composed best known tune "Maple Leaf Rag" named after a socila club (brothel) in sedalia, Missouri... it sold 1 million copies