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Minimum altitude at DER when flying civil SID; Min climb gradient?
ATC should issue holding instructions at least ___ minutes before reaching a clearance limit fix. Within ___ minutes of reaching the fix reduce airspeed as outlined in FLIP.
When start timing for holding (ICAO)
Abeam the fix; if unable to determine abeam, wings level outbound
What is "station passage" considered for VOR? TACAN? NDB?
VOR-1st positive "from"
TACAN - when DME stops decreasing
NDB-brng pntr passes 90degrees from inbound course (for holding second time-45degrees)
When not to fly the procedure turn?
Straight In:
No PT routing
Established in holding and PT crs same as holding crs
Radar vectors to final
Timed approach from fix
What should you do if you lose visual reference while circling to land?
Begin a climbing turn toward the landing runway and execute missed approach instructions for the approach just flown
45/180 maneuver requirements (ICAO);
1) Acft track must be within 30degrees of PT prior to crossing fix (2) If not, must request alignment maneuver from ATC (3) If in holding that doesn't position, must request maneuvering or descent then straight-in
Max airspeed for ICAO reversal maneuvers for cat C
240 KIAS; accepted technique is 140-160. Slow to approach speed once established on final
Timing for 45degree portion and when do you start timing?
1+15; upon initiating turn
Instructions for HILO (ICAO)
outbound leg 1-3 minutes; Teardrop offset not exceed 30degrees from inbound course outbound; TD entry limited to 1+30 on TD course, after which return to parallel heading; MUST incpt inbound track before fix
When can you descend on a procedure track? (what is the difference in ICAO)
At the IAF when abeam or past on a parallel or incpt heading to PT course; all other segments, must be "established" on the appropriate segment; for ICAO "established" is one dot-width for LOC or VOR; 5degrees on NDB
When is timing required on an approach?
1) All non-precision approaches where DME not avail. (2) When approach does not terminate at a published fix
What are the bank angle restrictions in holding? (ICAO)
Standard rate or 30degrees (less); ICAO=standard rate or 25degrees (less); ICAO do not correct for winds in the turn
What must you do if LOC goes full scale deflection on an ILS?
Discontinue the approach and execute MAP
What must you do if you go one dot below or 2 dots above GS?
Do not descend below localizer mins.