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what is the most common species of aeromonas?
a. hydrophila
where is aeromonas hydrophila commonly found?
In water - hence the name. Either fresh or seawater BTW. :)
how is aeromonas hydrophila transmitted?
ingestion of water
diseases caused by a. hydrophila:
wound infections

diarrhea - green, malodorous, liquid stool.
how do you diagnose aeromonas hydrophila?
Oxidase Pos reaction - it grows well on enteric media, but all enteric bugs are oxidase neg.
What organism is identical to but less commonly seen than Aeromonas hydrophila?
Plesiomonas shigelloides.
-lives in water,causes diarrhea,
oxi +, grows well on enterics.
What is the most commonly seen Pasteurella species? What type of an infection does it cause?
P. multocida - causes a zoonotic infection.
Where is Pasteurella multocida's natural habitat?
In the mouths of dogs and cats
What type of infection does P. multocida cause?
Wound infections from animal bites.
What 4 features are used for distinguishing P. multocida?
1. GS shows GNBs with bipolar staining - safety pin-like.
2. Penicillin susceptible.
3. Oxidase positive.
4. No growth on MAC agar.
What pathogenic bacteria is easily transmitted by aerosol?
What disease does it cause?
Francisella tularensis - causes Tularemia.
What is Francisella tularensis' natural habitat?
Name 3 symptoms of Tularemia:
1. Skin ulceration
2. Regional lymphadenophy
3. Febrile disease
how do you diagnose francisella tularensis?
-obligate aerobe

-oxidase negative
type of media for francisella tularensis growth
bunny got caught media - BGC

blood glucose cystine
which of these bacteria may take 72 hrs to grow?
francisella tularensis
what do you do to handle specimens and cultures of francisella tularensis?
specimens: level 2 safety cabinet and gloves

cultures: class 3 biohazard safety cabinet and gloves
what is the normal habitat of brucella?
intestinal/urinary tracts of animals
List 4 species of brucella:
abortus = cow/bison/elk

canis = dog

melitensis = goat

suis = pig
what is brucellosis?
undulating fever
Give 3 features of brucellosis:
1. Undulating fever/febrile disease
2. Septicemia,lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly
3. Localized bone/tissue/organ infection
how do francisella tularensis and brucella get into human host?
penetrate UNBROKEN SKIN! wow
what is useful for identifying brucella?
-oxidase +
-brucella agar
-serological tests for host IgG and IgM
what is brucellosis treated with?