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casus (line 9)
casus, casus, masculine: chance, (mis)fortune, fall
discrimina (line 204)
discrimen, discriminis, neuter: crisis, danger
doli (line 130)
dolus, doli, masculine: deceit, wiles, trick, fraud, scheme
dolores (line 25)
dolor, doloris, masculine: pain, grief, anger, passion
excidio (line 22)
excidium, excid(i)i, neuter: destruction, overthrow
funera (line 232)
funus, funeris, neuter: funeral, death, disaster
labores (line 10)
labos (labor), laboris, masculine: labor, hardship, task
molis (line 33)
moles, molis, feminine: mass, burden, difficulty
noxam (line 41)
noxa, noxae, feminine: crime, fault, hurt, harm
ruinas (line 238)
ruina, ruinae, feminine: downfall, ruin
occasum (line 238)
occasus, occasus, masculine: fall, destruction
iniuria (line 27)
iniuria, iniuriae, feminine: wrong, insult, injustice
iram (line 4)
ira, irae, feminine: wrath, anger, rage, passion