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What three areas do you look at when assesing a worker's performance?
Work Habits
What is the EDVR?
A computer printout of the number of the number of personel in each rate aboard the command.
What information the Equipment Deficiency Log (EDL) contain?
Space Location
Problem or Deficiency
When discovered
Action taken
What is the Annual Employment Schedule?
A list of planned operations assist visits, inspections and porst of call for the fiscal year.
What elements should you consider when seeting goals for task completion?
Time restraints
Work Center Manning
Command's Op Schedule
Other Departments Involved
Availability of tools/supply
What are three methods of counseling?
Letter of instruction/command counseling sheet.
Page 13
Poss/Neg remarks on eval.
Are counseling sheets and letters of Instruction added to the member's service jacket?
When should you provide negative counseling via a page 13?
When all other forms of counseling has been exhausted.
What two methods of inout can lead to changes?
What is a verbal input used for?
Matters such as muster times, changes in work hours or other modifications required to accomplish goals.
What is Written Input used for?
Improving the command as a whole.
What are types of recognition that can be given?
Sailor of the Year/Quarter
Letter of Appreciation
Letter of Comendation
Navy Achievement Medal
Meritorious Advancement
What two categories does authority fall into?
General and Organizational
What is organizational authority?
Where individuals have organizational authority to fulfill their duties and responsibilities by virtue of their assignment.
What is general authority?
Individuals have authority to fulfill duties based on their positions in the Navy.
What is one of the biggest responsibilities the Navy entrusts to you?
Which must the CO, OIC, or person acting in either position sign personally.
Those that Establish policy
Those that change commands mission
Aspects of military justice
Required by law and regulation
What are the types of addresses used in message traffic.
What are the types of message precedences?
What is a Routine message used for and what is it's designator?
All types of traffic that justify electrical transmission. R
What is a Priority message and what is it's designator?
Messages that furnish essential information.
What is an Immediate message used for and what is it's designator?
Messages with information that gravely affects the national forces.
What is a Flash message used for and what is its precedence?
Extreme urgency or initial enemy contact or operational combat.
What is minimize and when is it used.
Minimize is used when message traffic is to be restricted to essential traffic only.
What is an endorsement?
A brief form of a naval letter on which an official recommends, action or makes comments, forwards a letter.
What should you include when filing paperwork?
Incoming document.
Copy of the outgoing correspondence.
Any essential supporting document.