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concurrent training

stimoulation inclusion of both resistance aand endurance training

What are the 2 hypotheses

crhronic and acute training

what does aerobic training adaption need?

long duration, low force output

What does strength training adaption need

short duration, high force output

What is the neuromuscular adaption for resistance training

sychronous firing, recruits large population of motor units, rapid rates of force development

What is the nueromuscular adaption for endurance training

asynchronous firing, recruiting small population of motor units, slow rates of force development

what does concurrent training lead too

Attenuation of hypertrophy,strength, power

Overtraining /competing adaption (chronic)

Whats important about the decline in work capacity

As the time goes on the recovery increases

What comes from attenuation in the long term

overtraining hypothosis/motor recruitment

divergent neuromuscular adaption

What is the negative effect of acute hypothesis

decreased strength potential

What are advantages to concurrent training

Fat loss

Basal metabolic rate

why cycling less detrimental then running

the biomechanics is more similar to squats and leg press than runnung. causes limited hip mobility and hamper strength

running (eccentric load) causes more damage( can lead to overtraining

what is better short duration cardio are long duration cardio

20 -30 minutes result in lower decerements any longer brings a greater attenuation of hypertrophy, strength, power gains

what are recommendation for walking

High intensity sprinting


Why are sprints beneficial

Recruitment of high threshold motor unit

-increases recruitment efficiency

Stress similiar to wieght training (ATP-PC ,Glycolysis)

When does fat loss aoccur

greater at higher heart rate

What is the bottomline for walking

Walking elicits no cardiocvascular adaption

Should cardio and wieght lifting be done on the same day

no ever other day

How should it be seperated and what is important

Should be seperated by 24 hours and CHO

What are the different pre exercise warmups


What are some physiological effects of warmup

Elevation of baseline Oxygen consumption

Skin temerature

increases core temperature

Heart Rate

WHat are the ste to static stretching decrease

1st: stress relaxation: deformation of the tissue around muscle

2nd:Creep: –Thenature of the deformed tissues ‘creeps’ to the MTU causing it to be naturallyheld at a long length

–Ultimately,when the muscle is acutely stretched there is less recoil

what is the result of this

less elastic energy, decreased performance

What are the mechanisms of dynamic stretching


Greater intensity that static

-Significantly increases resting VO2 and core temerature

Possible excitability of alpha motor units,enhancing the stretch shortrning cycle

What is important about dynamic and static stretching

DynamicStretching appears to increase strength, power, jumping, and sprintingperformance whereas static stretching has deleterious effects on these indicesof performance.

What does static stretches do ?

increase caloric expenditure, decreases running economy

Does static stretching affect female endurance runners

no affect on performance

What about dynamic stretching?

no significant effect/ but still increases caloric expenditure

What is important about static stretching and aerobic performance

•Static Stretching Decreases AerobicPerformance in trained males due to a decrease in muscle stiffness–Mayhave no effect in females–Atrest females tend to have a less stiff MTU

What is important about dynamic stretching and aerobic performance

•Dynamic Stretching may have noeffect–Moreresearch needs to be done–Maybe more effective for well-trained individuals

what is important about task specific warm up

•Can include more sport specificmovements.

•Possibly should remain under 70%

•Duration and intensity should bemonitored

Elevate baseline VO2

•Skin Temperature may be key

what is the summary of aerobic training

•Static Stretching (SS) decreasesperformance in trained male runners•SS = No effect in trained femalerunners•Dynamic Stretching = No effect onTrained male runners•Cooling skin temperature duringwarm-up may be determining factor to improve performance•NOTE:Dynamicand Static stretching both acutely increase ROM 16-17%

What is Post activation potentiation

Augmented human performance following heavy muscle contraction

What is the POst Activation potentiation mechanism

increase Ca2+ kinetics

increases muscle stiffness

faster recruitment of motor nuerons

-recruitment/rate coding/greater nueral outut

is elevating VO2 necessary to increase endurance erformance

yes it is

Do elite athletes need a longer time than non elite athletes


true are false/ results suggestt that warmups should be specific to the performance task and the duration and intensity of warm up/dependant upon the performance task


What are some recommendations for warming up

Anaerobic performance-dynamic

Aerobic-Submaximal task specific warmup (aim not to raise temperature)