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simply people who have certain aspects of their status in common
People with whom you develop a valued, mutual relationship
the degree to which two people share personal knowledge, thoughts, and feelings
Selective Association
the principle that most people (including adolescents) tend to choose friends who are similiar to themselves
Informational Support
is advice and guidance in solving personal problems, such as those involving friends, romantic relationships, parents or school.
Instrumental Support
help with tasks of various kinds
companionship support
being able to rely on each other as companions in social activities
Esteem Support
the support adolescents friends provide by congratulating thir friends when they suceed and encouraging them or consoling them when they fail
a small group of friends who know each other well, do things together, and form a regular social groups
larger, reputation-based groups of adolescents who are not necessarily friends and do not nessarily spend time together
Populars or Prepies
the socially elite crowd, reconignized as having the highest social status in the school.
athletic, usually members of at least one school sports team
Brains, dweebs, nerds,or geeks
academemically orginated, known for striving for good grades and for being socially inept
Drugies or burnouts
alienated from school enviroment, suspected by other students of using illicit drugs
wear old, grungestyle clothing; smart but disengaged from school
wear black clothes, engage in devient behavior, heavily into music & concerts, outcasts
low in social skills, mostly ingnored by other adolescents
students who do not stand out in any particular way, neither positively nor negatively
Relational Agression
the term for behavior that includes not only sarcasm & ridicule but gossiping, spreading rumors, snubbing, and excluding others from the clique
where the communities adolescents sleep and spemd their leisure time
Men's House
a dormitory where adolescent boys sleep along with adult men who are widowed or divorced
Participant Observation
research method that involves taking part in various activities with the people being studied, and learning about them through participating in activities with them
involves having students rate social status of other students
Social Skills
skills for successfuly handling social relations and getting along well with others
Rejected Adolescents
are activelydisliked by their peers, usually because other find them to be excessively agressive, disruptive, and quarrelsome
Neglected Adolescents
do not make enemies the way rejected adolescents do, but they do not have many friends, either
Controversial Adolescents
because they tend to generate mixed responses amound their peers