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Ser lista (o)

To be clever

Ser buena (o)

To be good

Ser rica (o)

To be rich in money

Estar viva (o)

To be alive

Estar aburrida (o)

To be bored

Ser segura (o)

To be safe

Estar segura (o)

To be sure, certain

Estar mala (o)

To be ill

Ser pálido

To be pale complexioned

Ser aburrida (o)

To be boring

Estar orgullosa (o)

To be proud

Ser orgullosa (o)

To be conceited, vain

Estar pálida (o)

To be pale

Ser viva (o)

To be sharp, clever

Estar lista (o)

To be ready

Ser vieja (o)

To be old

Estar buena (o)

To be fine, tastey

Ser mala (o)

To be bad

Estar vieja (o)

To look old

Estar rica (o)

To be tasty