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That's a beautiful building.

That's an ugly building.

My strong points in English are....

My weak points in English are...

The room was light.

The room was very dark so I turned on the light.

My bag is light. It only as a few things in it.

My bag is heavy. It is full of things.

She's wearing a long skirt.

She's wearing a short skirt.

The five-star hotel was very expensive.

The hostel was very cheap.

Luckily the lost climbers were alive.

Bob Marley is dead ( /ded/ ) but his music lives on.

It's a big/large school. It has over a thousand students.

It's a small/little school. It only has two hundred students.

Their dog is very fat. I don't think they give him enough exercise.

Their dog is very thin. I don't think they give him enough food.

The weather is very nice today. Let's go for a walk.

The weather is horrible today. Let's stay at home.

It's polite to say 'please' when you ask somebody to give you something.

The waiter was rude. I'm going to complain to the manager.

We like this beach as it's very safe for children to swim.

This river is dangerous. It has very strong currents.

My hands are clean. I've just washed them.

Can you wash up the dirty plates for me, please?

Eating lots of fresh vegetables is healthy.

Eating lots of processed foods is unhealthy.

The car park is full. We need to park somewhere else.

Your glass is empty. Would you like some more wine?

I can't study here. It's too noisy.

I'm going to study in the library where it is quiet.

The hotel is a short distance from the city centre.

The hotel is a long distance from the beach.

When she was young she wanted to be a writer.

Although she's ninety she doesn't feel old.

They are building a new house in the country.

This house is very old but it has lots of character.

There's an early flight at 6 am.

There's a late flight at 11.30 pm.

He's happy because it's almost the weekend.

He's sad because he's having problems at work.

Paula plays basketball. She is very tall.

Linda is quite short so she loves to wear very high heels.