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Plain film findings in acute appendicitis
*Nonspecific ileus (80%)
*Localized ileus: air-fluid level in the cecum and distal ileum, small bowel obstruction
Cecal wall thickening
Obscured properitoneal fat
Loss of the psoas margin
RLQ soft tissue mass
RLQ mottled gas collection
Appendicolith 10%
Sonographic signs of acute appendicitis
*Visualization of an enlarged (6 mm or more), *non-compressible appendix
*Appendicolith, periappendiceal inflammation, abscess
Sonographic signs of acute cholecystitis
*Cholelithiasis and Positive Murphy’s sign (92% PPV)
GB wall thickening (striated appearance)
GB distension
Pericholecystic fluid
Plain film findings in acute pancreatitis
Colon cutoff sign
Sentinel loop (10-55%)
Mottled appearance of peripancreatic area
Intrapancreatic gas bubbles
Gasless abdomen
Left pleural effusion
Signs of free air in plain abdomen
*Air beneath diaphragm or crescent sign
*Double wall sign
*Triangular sign
*Lucent liver sign (supine)
*Doge’s cap – air within subhepatic space
*Highlight anterior ligamentous structures; falciform ligament,lateral umbilical ligament (inverted V),urachus