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Advanced Cardiac Life Support restore:
- Oxygenation
- Ventilation
- Circulation
Role of Team Leader
Allows for constructive interventions
- "The next drug should be epi, do you agree?"
Role of the Team Member
Proficient in skills within your scope of practice
A - Advance Airway: Tracheal Intubation
Secure with a commercial tube holder
Intubation: Ventilations
Ventilate every 6-8 seconds each over 1 second
V-Fib & Pulseless V-Tach: Priority
Don't treat the monitor...
Identify and treat causes
Which H's & T's would respond to treatment?
H - hypovolemia
H - hypoxia
Transcutaneous Pacing
Effective in symptomatic 3rd degree HB
Stable Tachycardia
Identify Causes
Chest Pain: Treatment
- Oxygen
- Aspirin
- Nitrates
- Morphine
12 Lead EKG Interpretation: ST elevation Acute MI - Medications
- Heparin
- Fibrinolytics