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Continuous Forms are used with
what type of printer?
Dot-Matrix Printers
Which part of the laser printer can be damaged if exposed to light?
EP drum cartridge
What occurs during the transfer stage of the laser printing process?
The image is transferred from the drum to the paper.
Dot-Matrix printers use______ to strike paper and create images of text.
Your laser printer produced a page with a wavy image. What is the most common cause of this problem?
Defective toner cartridge
The output from a Dot-Matrix printer consistently prints a dark line through the center of text. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
Defective printhead
You should store laser printer OPC(Organic Photo-Conducting) drums in what kind of environment?
Cool dark
What takes place during the fusing stage of the EP process?
The printed image is melted into the paper
While servicing an ink-jet printer, what part must a techician avoid touching to prevent physical burns?
The printer used in your office is no longer printing on both sides of the paper. What is the first piece of equipment you should check?
How often should an ozone filter be changed on an EP printer?
Once a year
Tractor-feed technology is commonly associated with what type of printing?
The print quality from a dot-matrix printer is sometimes light and sometimes dark. Which of the following problems is most likely the case?
Improper paper advancement
Bob wants to find out if his printer is working properly. He decides to print out a printer self-test page to accomplish this. What two ways can he accomplish this?
Through the operator panel on the printer device.

Through properties of printer settings in the operating system.
Grace's laser printer is printing all black pages. What's the most likely cause?
Loose corona wire
An ink-jet printer's maintenance station is used to _____.
Keep the ink cartridge from drying out.
Printer cables often use ____ connectors to connect to the printer.
Your laser printer has been malfunctioning and pulling several sheets of paper through at the same time causing paper jams and improper printing. Which of the following could be a reason for this?
(1)Excessive humidity in the office.(2)Incorrect guage of paper (3)Faulty separation pad
In the middle of printing several print jobs on a dot-matrix printer the power goes out. When the power comes back on, you are uable to get any print jobs from the printer. What should you do?
Delete existing print jobs from the printer.
Which component should never be lubricated as part of the regular maintenance of a dot-matrix printer?
A bubble jet printer is generating printouts that go from dark to light as the print heads move across the page. What is most likely causing this problem?
Malfunctioning printing pump
Select the correct order for the six major steps of the laser printing process.
Cleaning, Conditioning, Writing, Developing, Transferring, Fusing
You send a job to print from your Windows 9x machine, but the printer will not start the job. The printer is online and has the print job queued. What is the most likely explanation?
The printer driver is overloaded.
Name the printing process developed using laser light, toner, and static electricity?