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Why did Vincente' Martinez Ybor move his cigar factory to Tampa?
In 1886, a terrible fire burned down a number of buildings in Key West, including Ybor's cigar factory. So, he decided to move his business to Tampa, where he built the world's largest cigar factory.
human resources
capital resources
Capital resources are the money, buildings, machines, and tools needed to run a business.
Why were railroads important to Florida's economic growth?
Railroads were important to Florida's economic growth because they ...

- were important to the growth of tourism and new industries, and
- opened new markets for Florida farmers.

Trains carried farmer's products to ports across the state going to northern cities.
labor union
A labor union is a group of workers who try to get better working conditions.
free enterprise
Free enterprise is a kind of economy in which people can own and run their own businesses with only limited control by the government.
Who was Vincente' Martinez Ybor?
Vincente' Martinez Ybor was a cigar maker that decided to move his business to Key West, Florida in the 1860's.

Many Cubans went to Key West to become workers in Ybor's cigar factory or to start their own factories.
el lector
El Lector was a person paid to read newspapers and books, aloud to cigar makers while they worked.
What became known as Ybor City?
Ybor City was a part of Tampa where most of Ybor's factories were located.
Why did some citrus growers head to southern Florida?
Some citrus growers headed to southern Florida to avoid harmful freezes of citrus crops.
Where were most of the cattle ranches located in Florida?
Most of the cattle ranches were located in Central Florida, especially in the Kissimmee and Peace River valleys.
A graph that uses symbols to stand for numbers is called a pictograph.
An immigrant is someone who leaves his or her home country and come to another country to live.
What industries caused Florida's economy to grow in the late 1800's and early 1900's?
Industries that caused Florida's economy to grow in the late 1800's and early 1900's were ...

- transportation,
- agriculture and
- tourism.
Who was Lue Gim Gong?
Lue Gim Gong was an immigrant that developed a new kind of orange that was not easily damaged by frost and produced large crops.
A Growing State : Florida Economy Grows
Lesson 2
pg. 276 - 284
What were leading products in Florida during the 1800's?
Leading products in Florida during the 1800's were ...
- cattle,
- cedar wood for pencils and chests,
- pine wood for furniture,
- turpentine, used in paint products, from pine trees,
- phosphate for fertilizer.
What is a "Cracker"?
Crackers were cowhands that used long, braided whips, that made a loud cracking sound to guide cattle in a round up.
From which ports were most of Florida's cattle shipped?
Most of Florida's cattle was shipped from ports on Florida's Gulf coast.

- Tampa and
- Ft. Myers.
Why did cigar makers come to Florida in the late 1800's?
In the late 1860's some Cubans began to speak out against their government, in some Cuban cities fighting broke out. Many cigar makers decided to move.
raw material
A raw material is a resource in its natural state that can be used to manufacture a product.

example: tobacco for cigars