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a person who uses money to buy or make something that will make more money
During this event, large numbers of people went to California seeking gold.
gold rush
This war was declared by the United states congress on May 13, 1846
Mexican-American War
a horse-drawn carriage used to carry passengers, baggage, and mail
standard-sized parts made so that a person can replace one part of a manufactured item with another identical part
interchangeable parts
a kind of water elevator that moves boats to higher or lower levels
ended the Mexican-American War
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
This machine was used to remove the seeds from cotton.
cotton gin
This kind of engine uses steam from boiling water to create power.
steam engine
During this period, goods htat had been made by hand were now made by machines, often in factories.
Industrial revolution
uses sharp blades to cut and harvest grain
This sturcture is a human-made waterway.
searched for gold in California in 1849
an old Spanish mission that had been changed into a fort