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John Locke
natural rights-life liberty and property
Jean Jacques Rousseau
wrote "social contract"
wrote "leviathan"
avoid death
Charles I (Stuart)
absolute monarch
set off english vivil war
Oliver Cromwell
General of rounheads
replaced Charles I
"lord protector"
Charles II (Stuart)
kind after oliver cromwell
William Pitt
British control
war effort
Louis XIV
sun king
Louis XVI
tries to escape france
George Granville
wanted colonists to pay taxes
Sam Adams
leader of sons of liberty
John Adams
defeanded Prescot at trial
Thomas Jefferson
wrote Dec. of Ind.
Paul Revere
rode throught a sleepy village to warn partriots that the british was coming
Benjamin Franklin
proposed albany plan of union
Packtrick Henry
commitee of corrospondence
argued against constitution
give me liberty or give me death
Thomas Pain
common sense
General Gage
Trapped in boston
Lt. Colonel Francis Smith
signaled british soldiers to begin secret mission that paul R warned
Major John Pitcairn
signaled british soldiers to begin secret mission of lexington
General Howe
led british troups to bunker hill