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the right to vote
a private meeting
nominating convention
delegates from the state chose the party's candidate for President
spoils system
practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs
pet bank
banks that were controlled by Robert Taney
nullification crisis
idea of a state declaring a federal law illegal
states rights
the rights of states to limit power of the federal government
to withdraw
kitchen cabinet
supporters of Jackson who held meeting in the White House kitchen
presidential party
what was the result of the election of 1800?
The result was the 12th Amendment which stated that electors would distinctly vote for a President and Vice President separately.
how did the 12th amendment change the electoral college?
it changed it because the state had to vote for the president & vice president separately
what was the corrupt bargin?
it was a deal that Adams made with Clay that said if Clay helped Adams win the election, he would make Clay the Secretary of State
explain what John Quincy Adams presidency was like?
it was difficult because the country did not agree with everything he wanted
what resulted from the 18247 election?
the corrupt bargin & Jackson becoming president
what were the major issues in the 1828 election?
-federal government
-funding economic projects
-Jackson could become a dictator
how did Andrew Jackson use the spoils system?
He fired the federal officals and replaced them with his own supporters
Explain the war bank (be sure to include Biddle, the attempt to recharter, the veto & the closing of the bank)
-dispute over bank
-Biddle - owner of the bank
-veto because unconstitutional & monster to rich and expense to poor
-bank closed
what was the tariff of abominations? why was it significant?
a tax on imported goods that hurt southernors & benefited northern manufacturers by protecting them from foreign competition
why did VP Calhoun resign?
because he disagreed with Jackson about the union
what threats did S Carolina make? what did this mean?
S Carolina treatened to withdraw from the union if the new tarrif was declared illegal by the nullification act
what was the indian removal act
an act that NA were forced to move west of the Missippi River
what was the trail of tears? how did the name come about?
Trail of tears was the path named by the Cherokees that was taken to move west of the Missippi River during the Indian Removal Act, the name came about because it was a sorrowful journey for the Cherokee during which they suffered
what was the outcome of the Seminole War?
the Seminole Indians lost and it was costly to the US, only a few native americans remained east of the Missippi River in 1844