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What is the network of tubes that move material around the cell?
What part of the cell contains DNA, and controls the activity of the cell?
What part is the powerhouse of the cell, and releases energy for a cell?
What part makes protein for the cell?
What part stores material for the cell?
What is the jelly-like material that flows inside the cell?
What part breaks down cell wastes and worn out parts?
What part surrounds the cell and allows material to go in and out of the cell?
Cell Membrane
What part surrounds the cell membrane and provides rigid wall for the cell?
Cell Wall
What contains chlorophyll and is the site of photosynthesis?
What packages protein to be shipped out of the cell?
Golgi Bodies
What do cells form?
What do tissues form?
What do organs form?
Organ Systems
What do organ systems form?
Give an example of a tissue.
Nerve, Muscle or Bone Tissue
Give an example of an organ for animals.
Brain, Heart, Kidney
Give an example of an organ for plants.
Roots, or Leaves
Give an example for an organ system for animals.
Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestion
Give an example of an organ system for plants.
Give an example of an organism thats an animal.
Squirrel, Human, Dog, Cat
Give an example of an organism for a plant.
Oak tree, Corn, Celery, Dogwood
What is a cell?
the smallest unity that can perfoma all the functions necessary for life
Why was Robert Hooke important?
Invented microscope; saw " little rooms" or boxes in cork plant cell
What is the cell theory?
1. all organisms are made of cells
2. cell is the baskic unit for life
3. All cells come from existing cells
What are 2 kinds of cells?
1. prokaryotes-not nucleus aka bacteria
2. eukaryote
What did Anton van Leeuwenhoek find?
created early microscope and found organisms in pond water, animalucles