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What does the URLScan tool do?
scans incoming HTTP requests to ensure they comply with rules
What are the six Operations Master roles?
Global Catalog Server; PDC Emulator; Schema Master; Domain-Naming Master; Relative Identifier (RID) Master; Infrastructure Master
What Operations Master role always stays with the first DC in an organization?
Global Catalog Server
What console is used to configure site-level GPO's?
Active Directory Sites and Services
Can groups be converted to and from distribution groups?
only in a native-mode domain
What are the three group scopes?
universal, global, and domain local
What group scope changes are allowed in mixed-mode domains?
What group scope changes are allowed in native-mode domains?
global to universal and domain local to universal
What limitation does secedit.exe have that Security Configuration and Analysis does not?
results of a security analysis can't be viewed with secedit.exe
Where can gpresult and gpotool.exe be found?
in the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit
What is the gpresult.exe tool used for?
displaying the net Group Policy settings applied to a computer
What is the gpotool.exe tool used for?
checking the validity of GPO's across multiple domains
At what levels can password policies be set?
at the domain level only
What two conditions will prevent a global group from being converted to a universal group?
group is a member of another global group, or domain is in mixed mode
What two conditions will prevent a domain local group from being converted to a universal group?
group contains another domain local group as a member, or domain is in mixed mode
What part(s) of the CIA triad are provided by IPSec's Authentication Header (AH)?
authentication and integrity
What part(s) of the CIA triad are provided by IPSec's Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)?
confidentiality, integrity, and authentication
What protocol handles IPSec connection negotiations?
Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP)
What template is installed by default on all domain controllers?
What security changes does the securedc.inf template make from the basicdc.inf template?
stronger password, account lockout, and auditing settings; uses only NTLMv2 responses; uses SMB signing
What do legacy clients need to communicate with domain controllers using the securedc.inf or hisec.inf security templates?

Directory Services Client (DSClient)- the securedc.inf and hisec.inf templates require NTLMv2
What sort of SQL 2000 attack is the most common?
buffer overrun attacks
How can user files and settings be migrated when upgrading to Windows 2000?
by using the User State Migration Tool
What must be installed for legacy clients to utilize NTLMv2?
the Directory Services client (DSClient)
At what level is the URLScan ISAPI filter deployed?
at the global level
What event ID occurs when Group Policy is successfully deployed?
What are the four types of CA's included with the Microsoft Certificate Service?
Enterprise Root CA; Enterprise Subordinate CA; Standalone Root CA; Standalone Subordinate CA
Who signs an Enterprise Root CA's certificate?
the Enterprise Root CA
What is the Enterprise Root CA normally used for?
authenticating Enterprise Subordinate CA's
What two types of Enterprise Subordinate CA's are there?
intermediate and issuing
What is necessary for signing code for customers?
a trusted third-party Root CA, such as VeriSign
What two tools can users use to request a certificate?
the Certificate Request Wizard or the Certificate Services webpage
In terms of infrastructure, what is necessary to use Web Enrollment?
an Enterprise CA infrastructure
What kind of message is used to request a certificate?
a PCKS-10 message
What kind of message is used to contrain an issued certificate or certificate chain?
a PCKS-7 message
What port does PPTP use?
What advantage does L2TP have over PPTP?
L2TP can tunnel over non-IP media
How often are CRL's published by default?
once a week
What three types of locations can CRL Distribution Points (CDP's) be configured as?
Active Directory, HTTP, and file-based
What URL points to the Windows Update Catalog?