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small structure on which cells make their own proteins.
Second law of motion
states that net force acting on a object to accelerate in the direction of force.
all of the individuals of one species that live in the same space at the same time.
Space probe
instrument that ravels far into the solar system,gathers data, and sends them back to Earth.
describes how closely measurments agree with each otherand how carfuly measurments were made.
sedimentary rock
a type of rock made from peices of other rock, dissolved minerals, or plant and animal matter that collects to form rock layers.
radiant energy
energy of light.
Space station
large facility with living quaters, work and excersise areas, and equipment and support systems for humans to live nd work in space and conduct research not possible on Earth.
special motor that can work in space and burns liquid or solid fuel.
Sex cells
specialized cells-female eggs and male sperm-that are produced by the process os meiosis,carry DNA,and join in sexual reproduction.
Space shuttle
reusable spacecraft the can carry cargo, astronauts, and satellites to and from space.
population density
number of individuals in a population that occupies an area of limited size.
a group of animals of the same species that live and work together in an organized way, with each member doing a specific job.
Zone of saturation
in an aquifer, the zone where the pores are full of water.
depression formed when a cave's roof is no longer able to support the land above it and the land collapses into the cave.
potential energy
energy sotred in a object due to its position.
Solar system
system of nine planets and numerous other objects that orbit the Sun, all held in place by the Sun's gravity.
project gemini
second stage in the U.S. program to reach the Moon in which an astronaut team connected with another spacecraftin orbit.
mixture of weathered rock, organic matter, water, and air that envolves over time and supports the growth of plant life.
occurs when drops of water or crystals of ice become to large to be suspended in a cloud and fall in the form of rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, or hail.
distance traveled divied by the amount of time that is need to travel that distance.
movement of Earth around the Sun, which takes a year to complete.
Social behavior
interactions among memebers of the same species, including courtship and mating, getting food, caring for young, and protecting each other.
volume of pore space divided by the volume of a rock or soil sample.
State of matter
physical property that is depended on temperatures and pressure and occurs in four forms,solid,liquid,gas, and plasma.
natural mechanical or chemical process that causes rocks to change by breaking them down and causing them to crumble.
International System of Units, related by multiples of ten, that allows quantities to be meausred in the exact same way through the world.
scientific law
a rule that describes a pattern in nature but does not try explain why something happens.
collection of dtructures, cycles, and processes that realate to and interact with each other.
scientific theory
a possible explanation for reapeatly observed patterns in nature.
renewable resource
any energy sources that ae replenished continually.
spinning of Earth on its axis, which occurs every 24
h; produces day and night that causes the plants and stars to appear to rise and set.
any close interaction among two or more different species, including mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism.
way of learning more about the natural world that provides possible explanations to questions and involves using a collection of skills.
project mercury
first step in the U.S. program to reach the Moon that orbited a piolited spacecraft around Earth and brought it back safely.
sanitary landfill
landfill lined with plastic or concrete, orlocated in clay-rich soil; reduces the chance of hazardous wastes leaking into the surrounding soil and groundwater.
Radio telescope
collects and records radio waves traveling through space; can be used day or night under must weather conditions.
any natural or artifical object that revolves around another object.
violen,whirling wind, usually less than 200m in diameter, that travels in a narrow path over land and can be highly destructive.
water that flows over Earth's surface.
set of steam-powered fan blades that spins a generator at a power plant
use of science to help people in some way.
group of dimilar cells that work together to do ne job.
measure of speed in a particular direction.
factor that can be changed in an experiment.
Water table
top surface of the zone of saturation; also the surface of lakes and rivers.
physical change
change in which the properties of a substance change but the identity of the substance always remains the same.
describes rock that allows groundwater to flow through it becuase it contains many well-connected pores cracks.
presents information in rows and columns, making it easier to read and understand.
Refracting telescope
optical telescope that uses a double convex lens to bend light and form a image at the focal point
current condition of the atmosphere including cloud cover, temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, and air pressure.
solid inorganic material that usually is made of two or more minerals and can be metamorphic, sedimentary, or igneous.
Volcanic mountain
mountian that forms when magma is forced upward and flows onto Earth's surface.
project apollo
final stage in the U.S. program to reach the moon in which Neil Armstrong was the first human to step on the Moon's surface.
Thermal energy
energy that all objects have; increases as the object's temerpature increases.
physical sceince
study of matter, which is anything that takes up space and has mass, and the study of energy, which is the ability to cause change.
Upwarped mountain
mountians that forms when forces inside Earth push up the crust.
a type of plat movement that occurs when one plat sinks beaneath another plate.
the amount of change in a givin amount of time.
group of dimilar cells that work together to do one job.
Water cycle
continuous cycle of water maolecules on Earth as they rise into the atmosphere, fall back to Earth as rain or other precipatation, and flow inyo rivers and oceans through the processes of evporation, condensation, and precipatation.
Third law of motion
staes that when a force is applied on a object, an equal force is applied by the object in the oppisite direction.
layer of the atmosphere that is closet to Earth's surface and contains nearly all of it's clouds and weather
powerful chemical produced by an animal to influence the behavior of another animal of the same species.
Reflecting telescope
optical telescope that uses a concave nirror to focus light and form an image at the focal point.
physical property
any characteristic of a material, such as state, color, and volume, that can be observed or measured without changing or attempting to change the material.
the surface feautres of an area.
simple innate behavior, such as yawning or blinking, that is an automatic response and dose not invole a message to the brain.
device that transforms radiant energy directly into electrial energy.
diffrent ways that a trait can appear- for example, differences in height, hair color, or weight.
bright explosion of the outer part of the supergiant that takes place after the core collapses.
Relative humidity
measure of the amount of water vapor in the air compared to the amount that could be held at a specific temperature.
structure that contains hereidity material surround by a protein coat and makes copies of itself only inside living organisms.
contamination of the enviornment by introducing harmful.
Rock cycle
diagram that shows the slow, continuous process of rocks changing from one type to another.
section of Earth's crust and rigid, upper mantle that moves slowoly around the asthenosphere.