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A place to live a__________________
bring up
I'll b_________ it _______ in the meeting tomorrow. (mention)
_______ sport (verb)
turned a blind
The teacher __________ _______ _________ eye to the students bad behaviour. (ignored)
live it up
to travel in luxury and spend lots of money
break a promise
to not do what you promised to do
to meet
When I was in LA I had the chance to meet/of meeting my hero.
gives an insight
The documentary g_______ an i__________ into the life of bees.
get hold
I tried to call the boss but I couldn't g_____ h________ of him. (contact)
see eye to eye
My brother and I don't s______ _______ _____ ______ on politics. (agree)
But for
B________ f________ the barrier, the car would have crashed into the sea. (without)
a group of people who make decisions = c_____________
make it
The operation went well and I think your cat is going to m_________ ________ (survive)
We have made a few changes ______ the schedule.
bring out
Justin Bieber is going to b________ _______ a new album next week. (release)
got over
John still hasn't g_______ ________ his operation yet. (recovered from)
takes it for granted
Everyone always t_________ _______ ________ g__________ that Sheila will help out. (assumes)
like two peas in a pod
Expression: Two people are very similar
very happy = e_____________
come up with
We need to c___________ _____ ________ some new ideas for the holidays. (invent)
keep me in the picture
I asked Tony to ___________________________ about the project while I was on holiday PICTURE
brush up on
I need to b________ u______ o_______ my French before our holiday to Paris. (refresh)
short on/of
Sorry I can't stop to talk, I'm really s_________ _____/_____ time. (don't have time)
Follow in your parents footsteps
Expression: To do the same job as your parents.
The breadwinner
Expression: The person who supports the family financially (bread)
over the moon
Expression: Very happy over ______ ______
taken aback
I was t________ _________ by the size of the restaurant bill. (surprised)
were it not
W_______ i____ n_______ for my parents, I wouldn't be able to afford my rent.
It is u______________ true that doing sport leads to a healthier lifestyle.
coming to terms with
She had a lot of trouble c___________ t_______ t________ w________ the death of her grandma. (accepting/getting over)
Try to reach a business agreement: n____________
The boss is going to a_________ the board meeting tomorrow. (go to)
state of disarray
Expression: disorganised/in a mess = in a s_______ o_____ d_________
admit defeat
Collocation: Give up/stop trying = A________ d_________
make/take/ c_______ to a decision (decide)
noun from pronounce
variety is the spice of life
Expression: Doing different things makes life great! V________ ______ _______ ________ ______ ________
no place I'd rather be
I don't want to be anywhere else:There's n_____ ______ I'd __________ _______.
the black sheep of the family
Expression: The one different member of a family
make up your mind
Expression: To make a decision/decide (UP)
make up for
He bought me flowers to m_________ ______ ______ forgetting my birthday. (compensate)
like chalk and cheese
Expression: Two people are very different
an early bird
Expression: Someone who likes getting up early
miss/lose a flight/bus/train etc.?
put off
Phrasal verb: to postpone something
glad overjoyed
Two different ways of saying "happy" g______ o___________
to fall out with
Phrasal verb: To argue/fight with someone
make up
Phrasal verb: invent a story/excuse etc.
I haven't got anything/nothing.
I have anything/nothing.
took no notice
The children t_________ n_____ n___________of what the teacher was saying. (ignored)
could do with
This soup c______ d______ w_______ more salt. (needs)
baffled bewildered bemused
Three different ways to say confused: baf______________ bew______________ bem______________
made off with
The thieves m_________ o_______ w_________ €1000 in cash. (stole)
noun from master = a state of dominance
for the better
We're hoping the weather will change ______ ______ ________ tomorrow. (improve)
stand trial
He will s________ t_________ for murder tomorrow.
give me a hand
Can you g________ m______ _______ h__________ with this heavy bag please? (help)
caught on
The fashion for ripped jeans has really c_________ o_______ recently. (become popular)
The politicians failed to g__________ how bad the crisis was. (understand)
on a daily basis
Every day: O_____ a_____ d_______ b___________
She's been t____________ with a difficult problem recently.
done up
You can't stay at our house because we are having it d_______ u_________. (renovated)
cross irate mad
Three different ways to say angry: c____________ i____________ m__________
dates back
This building d__________ b__________ to Roman times. (was built in)
highly regarded
Dr. Watson is very h___________ r_____________ in his field. (has a good reputation)
came as a surprise
The job offer c__________ a______ ______ s__________ to me. (surprised me)
blue down down in the dumps
Three different ways to say sad: b_________ d_________ d_________ i_____ t______ d_________
get out of
I don't want to go to the party, how can I g______o______ o_____ it? (avoid it)
I think I take ___________ my Dad the most. (inherited characteristics
a night owl
a nocturnal person
early bird catches the worm
Expression: You'll succeed if you get up early. The e________ b__________ c________ t_______ w__________.
give me a lift
Dad? Can you g___________ m________ ________ l_________ to the beach? (take me in the car)
get on like a house on fire
To have a great relationship with someone
on of
I was _____ the point _____ giving up the search when I found my keys under the sofa.
There are 10 houses on the street, some of _________ are painted white.
The tried to c_________ the waiter's eye so we could order another drink.
suggest/recommend + __________________
I had difficulty to find/finding the hotel.
They always _________ the blame on me when things go wrong.
public eye
Being in the p_________ e__________ must be difficult for celebrities.
The plans for the new motorway are still in d_________. (being argued)
Congratulations ______ passing your driving test.
or so
It takes an hour o_____ s______ to get there. (approx)
She has a real f________ for painting. (talent)
The plans for the festival are just not f___________. (possible/realistic)
the part
He's a millionaire and he looks t________ p_________. (he looks like a millionaire)
led to
The heavy rain l______ t______ heavy flooding. (caused)
day and age
nowadays = in this d_______ a________ a__________
People who support an argument: p______________
carry out
conduct a survey/test/experiment: c_________ o________
well over
A Ferrari costs w______ o_______ €1,000,000. (much more than)
I p_______ her a compliment when I arrived at the restaurant.
keep an eye on
Can you k_________ a__________ e_________ o___________ the pasta while I go to the toilet? (watch)
broke down
Negotiations b_______ d_________ because of a disagreement about salaries.
keep up with
She speaks so fast, it's difficult to k________ u________ w_________ her.
takes on
The theme park always t________ o________ more staff in the summer. (contracts)
stand for parliament
My uncle has decided to s________ f_________ p___________ in the next election. (present himself)