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What bisphosphonate would you use in the treatment of hypercalcaemia secondary to malignancy? When would you give it?

Pamidronate. Given AFTER fluid resuscitation. Given 24 hours after fluid resus.

Zolendronic acid can be used if pami is not effective. Zole is 100x more potent

What is the management for TCA overdose?

IV bicarbonate

Imagine Hui Ching Ong (HCO) being depressed.

When is a mother with gestational diabetes offered an induction?

At 38 weeks

Blockage of which pathway in the brain is responsible for the anti-psychotic features of neuroleptics?

Mesolimbic pathway

Normal folic acid dose for a diabetic woman trying to get pregnant

5 milligrams (c.f. the normal 400 micrograms)

How do you work out the expected delivery date from Naegele's rule?

+9 months +7 days from LMP

Which drug groups may precipitate AACG?

Anticholinergics. Due to their effect here TCAs can also cause AACG.

Which conditions are associated with anterior uveitis?



Reactive arthritis

Ankylosing spondylitis

Behcet's disease

Which type of visual field defect might you get in DI?

Homonymous hemianopia with lower segment predominantly affected (since it is a craniopharyngioma that is more common)

If a patient is though to have placenta praevia, when should a scan be done to see whether it is resolved or a C-section should be considered?

At 36 weeks

What questions comprise the AUDIT-C questionnaire?


how Often do you have a drink containing alcohol?

how Many units on a typical day when you are drinking?

how Often have you had >6 units (female)/>8 units (male) on a single occasion in the last year?

Imagine Toby getting trashed and going off to watch a FISH (Female - 6) MOVIE (Male - 8)

First line investigation in ?miscarriage


When does pyloric stenosis typically present?

At 6-8 weeks. Investigate with USS. Pyloric stenosis = PS = Projectile Sick. Sick = Vomit; V = 8.

Investigate with USS

Definition of cor pulmonale

RHF caused by chronic pulmonary hypertension

Rx for obstetric cholestasis

Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA)

Components of a septic screen

Blood cultures – from both peripheral and central lines

Urine analysis and culture

Swabs of a Hickman line

Swabs of any open wounds

Chest x ray

Sputum sample

Stool sample if a patient has diarrhoea

Indications for CT following head injury

GF V SF (general forces vs special forces

GCS <13 when first assessed OR GCS <15 two hours after injury

---Imagine Adrian Chiles (13) kicking a football against a wall and it then biffs him in the head

---Albert Einstein is in the special forces but turns up two hours late because he was talking to a swan

Fracture suspected (open/depressed/base of skull)

>1 episode of Vomiting

post-traumatic Seizure

Focal neurological deficit

Dates for the combined test

11-14 weeks (tot try)

Dates for triple/quadruple test

14-20 (try NZ) - see module 5B doc

What Hz tuning fork would you use for Weber's test

512 Hz

When examining the structure of the tympanic membrane - what are you going to comment on?


-Light reflex

-Pars tensa/attic


-Pars flaccida