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A high area of land without large mountains



A formal agreement between nations



A large area in which places share common features



A disagreement



Before the time that people kept written records


Which of these borders Ohio?

a. Lake Erie

b. Atlantic Ocean

c. Canada

d. Mexico

Ohio is in which region of the United States?

F West

G Southeast

H Northeast

I Midwest

Which of these is a nonrenewable resource?

a water

b trees

c crops

d oil

Which of these is an example of cooperation between American Indians and European settlers?

f fighting over land

g trading for what each other needed

h gathering nuts and berries

i catching fish and growing crops

What was the first lasting English colony in North America?

a Fort Duquesne

b Fort Sandusky

c Jamestown, Virginia

d Columbus, Ohio

Which would you use to find the location of hills in Ohio?

f cultural map

g historical map

h physical map

i political map

What did French explorers in Ohio want to do?

a start big cities

b conquer the Indians who lived there

c trade for furs

d build farms

Why did George Washington go to Ohio in 1754?

f to sign the Treaty of Paris

g to take control of French forts

h to defeat Chief Pontiac

i to buy land

What did the Proclamation of 1763 anger British settlers?

a It stopped settlers from moving west of the Appalachians

b it gave Ohio to France

c it put an end to the fur trade

d it gave Ohio to Chief Pontiac

About what percentage of Ohio is covered by forests today?

f 30 percent

g 50 percent

h 75 percent

i 100 percent

What does the Graph from our book over Ohio's Forests show?

a Ohio has more forests than ever before

b Ohio has lost most of its forests over time

c People in Ohio like forests

d Ohio never had many forests

Extended Response

What are some positive effects of changing the environment?

-creating farmland

-wood for cooking

-warmth and homes

-using nonrenewable resources for energy

Extended Response

How did Ohio's waterways play a part in its history?

-moved products and ideas

-American Indians built homes along them and fished

-Europeans used for travel and trade

What part did the beaver trade play in Ohio's history?

French explorers came to Ohio to expand the beaver fur trade, which attracted the British and led to the French and Indian War.

What was Chief Pontiac's goal?

Unite the American Indian Groups to stop the flow of British (Europeans) onto their land.

Be sure to know where the states are in the Midwest Region

Must Know

South Dakota