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Wen Bing - History & Theory
1641 epidemic in China
1644 Mongolian invasion
wen = warm
bing = illness

Wu You Ke = (1592-1672) EPF can enter thru nose or mouth, contagious, pestilent Qi.
Yeh Tian Xi (1667-1746) most revered physician in Ming Dynasty, believed in clinical experience above protocols. Liked tongues and scars.

Progression from warm --> heat --> fire --> toxins (ash fire leaves behind)

Must work backwards thru progression.
Prior to this time, theory of Shang Han Lun = Injury Due to Cold was theory of illness.

2 important physicians.
Wei Level (first level)
LU + ST first impacted, fever, chills, aversion to cold (and you feel cold), heat blocks pores so you sweat or not,
T = exterior layer and reddness around the tip (heat)
Looks like TCM's wind-heat
Qi Level (second level)
high fever, lots of (or no) sweat, lots of thirst. Heat in the FU organs, internal now. Heat rises with red face, eyes, dry skin, headache. Heat descends too with constipation, burning urination, diarrhea...dampness a response to get heat out.
T = red body w/ thick yellow coat (pathogen)
Looks like SLH Yang Ming
Ying Level (third level)
Now hurting the SP. Much harder to treat (classically called for herbs), low grade fever, hormonal and fluid depletion, "restless organ syndrom" scars, skin erruption, lots of heat and depletion, feelings of insomnia as Shen is now impacted.
T = VERY red, dry and can have cracks.
Dampness impacting SPLEEN
Blood Level (fourth level)
LR hates wind, Heat is so extreme generates wind or depletion is so extreme it generates the wind. Stuttering, coma, dellerium, hemmorage, epilepsy, etc.
T = Bady cracked, shriveled, very dry, shiny purple coat (blood stasis) or no coat as heat has destroyed it.
Think internal wind, very severe, very depleted.