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List the inventory requirements for each category of accounting legend code material
a. ALC-1 Inventory this material by short title, edition, accounting control number, and quantity.
b. This material is accounted for continuously, just as ALC-1, except you inventory and account by quantity rather than by the accounting control number.
c. ALC-4 It is not required to account for this material on the daily or the shift inventory.
vol 1 section 203 p# 1-54
What is a trap?
An unsolicited message from an agent to the manager and, therefore, does not have a corresponding request message. The trap operation reports the occurrance of an event on a system and may provide the value of one or more instances of management information.
vol5 section 803
How can we catorgorize users in relation to file management?
By their job or duty position.
vol 5 sect 809
What is AF form 1109, visitor register, used for?
To record access to COMSEC materials by persons not on the authorized access list.
vol 2 sect 202
What is the difference between a fault and an error?
Faults are abnormal conditions that require NCC personnel to take action to correct or repair. Errors sometimes arise on a normal functioning of the network and do not necessarily require attention.
vol 5 section 802 Management Funtional Areas.
Convert the following octal numbers to their decimal equivalents:
a. 73^8
b. 460^8
c. 1045^8
d. 1724^8
e. 4304^8
f. 11762^8
a. 50^10
b. 304^10
c. 549^10
d. 980^10
e. 2244^10
f. 5106^10
vol 1 section 038 Use a place value chart.
8^4 8^3 8^2 8^1 8^0
4096 512 64 8 1
6 7 5 2 5
Multiply the number by it's place value to obtain the decimal equivalent.
Which layer provides a routing path through a network by which users can comunicate?
The network layer
vol 4 section 608 Protocol suites.
What is the major portion of a comsec managers job?
Training those individuals who are responsible for the COMSEC program within their units.
vol 2 section 201 Intro to COMSEC account management.
If there is a disreprancy in the classification marking of a received COMSEC material, what do you do.
Send a message to the originator, keep the wrappers, and await disposition.
vol 2 section 204 Requesting & processing COMSEC materials.
Why is each device assigned a separate interupt level?
To reduce or eliminate conflicts with other devices that require the attention of the CPU.
vol 3 section 404 Interrupt requests.
Who is responsible for the production and management of crytographic material within the US Government?
The Director of the National Security Agency (DIRNSA)
List the 4 phases of DITSCAP
1. Definition
2. Verification
3. Validation
4. Post accreditation
vol 5 section 819
I - Information
T - Technology
S - Security
C - Certification
A - Accreditation
P - Process
In fiber optic cabling what is the principles that keeps the light trapped in the core and allows it to bend round curves in the fiber?
Total internal reflection.
vol 4 sect 606 Fiber optic technologies.
Subtract the following Hex numbers:
1CD^16 400^16 D29^16
-142^16 -240^16 - C5^16
a. 8A^16
b. 1C0^16
c. C64^16
vol 1 sect 042 Make sure you borrow the base when you borrow(hex=16, octal = 8 and binary = 2)
When in doubt about wether or not someone is eligible for access to classified information who do you ask?
Your supervisor
vol 1 section 018
When must you change a security container combinations.
When placed in/out of service
When an individual is no longer authorized access.
If the container is found open, but certified as having been locked.
If there is a possibility that the combination has been compromised.
vol 2 sect 202 Controlling access to comsec material.
When would a controlled area warning sign not be posted?
Cotrolled area warning signs are posted conspicuously, except when a sign would compromise the security of the area.
vol 1 section 024 AF resource protection program.
How do you insure a binary number contains the required number of digits to be converted to its octal equivalent?
To condition a binary number for conversion to octal equivalence, you must add placeholder zeros to the extreme left of the integer portion and to the extreme right of the fractional portion(if any) until the total number of binary digits is divisible by three.
vol 1 sect 038
What is meant by talking shop?
Discussing our mission or jobs in a leisure or unsecured area.
vol 1 sect 013
What component is connected to the oscillator to lend consistency to the oscillation.
The crystal.
vol 3 sect 402
Beyond the terms RAM or ROM, memory in a pc is broken into what four basic divisions?
Conventional memory, upper memory, high memory and extended memmory areas.
vol 3 section 403
What is the basic stance of the network security policy?
To allow authorized traffic and deny all else.
vol 5 sect 821
What is the basis for any decision a computer makes?
Any decision a computer makes is based upon a comparison of some type.
vol 3 sect 401
What is the protocol used for error reporting with IP?
Internet control message protocol(ICMP)
vol 4 sect 610
What action should you take if you discover a classified document is improperly marked?
Report it to your security manager.
vol 1 sect 020
Why is personal awareness especially important for security of a controlled area?
Unless physical barriers are specifically required, the actual effectiveness of a controlled area may depend entirely on the security awareness of the people working within that area.
vol 1 sect 024
What is a comsec user?
Any individual required to use and safeguard COMSEC material and or aids in the performance of their official duties.
vol 1
What is a simple add-on device that works at the physical layer of the OSI model, and helps to reduce attenuation by duplication the cables signal?
A repeater.
What are two ways you can receive classified COMSEC material?
Via the Defense Courier service or the US postal system.
vol 2 sect 204
What form is normally used to record daily, shift, or other local inventories of COMSEC material?
vol 2 sect 203