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_______is similar to ANOVA in that it tests the null hypothesis of no difference between two or more means; however, it can also incorporate a covariate.


According to Field, a covariate is a variable that has an association with the…

dependent variable.

In the context of ANCOVA, we might consider the shared variance between the dependent variable and the covariate as _____, so we want to _____ statistically.
problematic; control for it
In practice, it is rare to find scenarios where the covariate is correlated with the ____, but not the …
dependent variable; independent variable.
In ANCOVA, people who argue that the independent variable must be unrelated to the covariate fail to realise that such a claim should also be applied to _______, but such a position is never asserted, because it would make no sense.
multiple regression
From a more mathematical perspective, the advantage of including a covariate in an ANCOVA is that it …
reduces the error variance.
When the covariate correlates only with the dependent variable, the inclusion of the covariate in an ANCOVA causes ____ to increase.
By controlling known extraneous variables, we gain greater insight into the effect of the…
predictor variables.
A unique assumption associated with ANCOVA is …
Homogeneity of regression slopes.
The homogeneity of regression slopes assumption essentially implies that the _____ is equal …
correlation between the covariate and dependent variable; across groups. (2 marks).
In SPSS, the homogeneity of regression slopes assumption is actually a test of the ____ between the ____ and the covariate.
interaction; independent variable
A point-biserial correlation is really just a …
Pearson correlation
By performing an ANCOVA in SPSS, you can get adjusted ….
In the ANCOVA example relevant to sex differences in brain size, it was demonstrated that you can get exactly the same results as an ANCOVA by performing a ______
partial correlation.
A _______ represents the association between an independent variable and a dependent variable, controlling for the effects of another variable on both the independent variable and the dependent variable.
partial correlation
Because of the development of the between groups ANOVA, there really should not be any need to ever use the ____
independent samples t-test.
Because of the development of the repeated measures ANOVA, there really should not be any need to ever use the ____
paired samples t-test.
The non-parametric equivalent of the one-way between measures ANOVA is the…
Kruskal-Wallis test
The non-parametric equivalent of the one-way repeated measures ANOVA is the…
Friedman ANOVA