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I am indifferent about my brain damage--where is the damage likely to be?

Right Hemisphere

My wife and I both suffered brain damage to our left hemispheres. I am 3 times as likely as my wife to have ________________ -- this impairment is when a person has difficulty ___________________

aphasia; naming things

I am trying to investigate a brain process which requires very good temporal resolution--which technique should I use?


How is a WADA test performed and what is used to test for?

Injection of anesthetic in one hemisphere to see what that hemisphere does.

What is it called when people are not aware of the deficits due to brain damage?


What is it called when people have awarenss of a deficit but do not show appropriate concern?


What are weakness of positron emission tomography?(PET)

Use of radioactive materials limits subject exposure

Need a cyclotron nearby to produce radioactive isotopes necessary for PET