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how was the english church at this time?
it was need for Henry to break away from the church
Did Henry VIII(1509-1547) indicate that he wanted to break away from the church after hearing Luther's radical ideas?
no! This man(1509-1547) prided himself on his orthodoxy! After hearing Luther's ideas he wrote a Defense of the Seven Sacraments in refutation. This is why the pope gave him the title "defender of the faith."
ok So Henry had a decent religious life. What was it that made him break away from the Catholic church??
He had no heir(and he was horny)!
Typically, popes have given into a ruler's demand for an annulment. So for what political reasons did Pope Clement VII deny/ignore Henry III?
2 answers
1) Catherine of Aragon was from one of the greatest ruling families in Europe at that time.
2) she was the aunt of Charles V and he was the last guy the pope wanted to offend.
Pope Clement VII thought he could avoid further embarrassment and scandal by denying this annulment. Why?
Henry VIII's pretext for divorce was that marrying his sister in law had been against church law. If clement had divorced him on this reason it would have shown that his predecessor Julius II had made a mistake(showing that popes substituted their own judgments for the law of god)
what did Henry VIII do that established him as the highest judicial power in the land in 1533?
Henry III worked with parliament to pass the Act in Restraint of Appeals (1533) which declared the king to be the sovereign in Enaldn and forbade judicial appeals to the papacy
In 1534 King Henry VIII had parliament pass what act? This act asserted his power over the church
In 1534 parliament passed the Supremacy Act. This was a controversial act. He had his chancellor, Thomas More (author of Utopia) beheaded for treason.
how did Henry III revive and gain the support of the new landed genty?
Henry III seized all the monastery lands and passed them out to followers. This strengthened a landed aristocracy that had been weakened by the Wars of the Roses. These guys became his new firm supporters no matter what his doctrine was.
Was Mary an awesome ruler or a bloody one?
Definitely bloody she had abt 300 "heretics" burned at the stake
Was Queen Mary a Catholic or a Protestant
She was a hardcore Catholic. She married Phillip of Spain who represented intense Spanish Catholicism. Mary tried to re-catholicize England but she ended up scaring every1 away from it and her
What was the Elizabethan settlement?
It was Parliament's new rule that required outward conformity to the Church of England and uniformity in all ceremonies.