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Commander in Chief

HON Barack H Obama

Secretary of Defense

HON Ashton B Carter

Secretary of the Army

HON Eric K Fanning

Army Chief of Staff

GEN. Milley

TRADOC Commander

GEN. Perkins

Cadet Command

MG Hughes

5th Brigade Commander

COL Halloren

Sergeant Major of the Army

CSM Dailey

TRADOC Command Sgt. Maj.

CSM Davenport

Cadet Command Command Sgt. Maj.

CSM Kraus

5th Brigade Command Sgt. Maj.

CSM Hodo

Senior Army Instructor (SAI)

1SG Dinkins

Army Instructor (AI)

SFC Ramirez

Battalion Commander

LTC Sanner

Battalion Executive Officer

MAJ Palomarez

Battalion Command Sergeant Major

CSM McFaul

S1 - Adjutant

CPT Reyes

S2 - Info/Security

2LT Villagrana

S3 - Planning/Operations

2LT Rios

S4 - Logistics

2LT Santana

S5 - Public Affairs

2LT Hernandez

Company Commander (Bravo)

2LT Holm

Company First Sergeant (Bravo)

1SG Stockton

Platoon Leader (Bravo 3rd)

2LT Gustavo

Platoon Sergeant (Bravo 3rd)


Squad Leader Bravo, (3rd PLT, 1st SQD)

CPL Hokit