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What is step one of the Standard Approach to the Patient?

1. Initial Scene Survey

What comes after Initial Scene Survey?

2. Initiate BCLS, if appropriate.

What comes after BCLS?

3. Initial Assessment (Primary Survey)

What comes after the Initial Assessment?

4. Oxygen, if appropriate.

What comes after oxygen?

5. Monitor breathing for adequacy.

What comes after monitor breathing?

6. Request ALS, as needed.

What comes after request ALS?

7. Two sets of vital signs.

(Do not delay transport if critical.)

What comes after vital signs?

8. Focused medical history?

What comes after medical history?

9. physical exam

What comes after physical exam?

10. Treatment according to REMAC protocols.

What comes after treatment?

11. Provide emotional support.

What comes after emotional support?

12. Maintain body temperature?

What comes after maintain body temperature?

13. Begin transport.

What comes after begin transport?

14. Remove by stair chair, scoop stretcher, long board, cot or other appropriate means.

What comes after removal and transport?

15. Monitor and continue care enroute.

What comes after monitor and continue care enroute?

16. Documentation.