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1. Q. What does ADP 7-0 cover?

A: Training Units and Developing Leaders

2. Q. What ADP Covers Training Units and Developing Leaders?

A: ADP 7-0

3. Q. Para 1 What is the Army’s life-blood?

A: Unit training and leader development

4Q. Para 1 What are the three training domains the Army uses?

A: 1. Institutional 2. Operational 3. Self-development

5. Q. Para 2 Who is responsible for training units and developing leaders?

A: The Commander

6. Q. Para 2 How do Commanders exercise the responsibility to train units and develop leaders?

A: Commanders exercise this responsibility through formal and informal chains, assisted by other officers and noncommissioned officers, through the development and execution of progressive, challenging, and realistic training

7. Q. Para 3 Where does training begin for Soldiers?

A: Training begins in the generating force

8. Q. Para 4 Soldiers and leaders should train to master what?

A: both the individual and unit collective tasks that support the unit’s mission-essential tasks

9. Q. Para 4 Who must train as part of a combined arms team?

A: Individuals, teams, sections, and units train to standard as part of a combined arms team

12. Q. Para 5 Who supports both the operating and generating forces?

A: Army Civilians

14. Q. Para 6 What is considered as important as institutional training and operational assignments?

A: Self Development

16. Q. Para 6 What is the purpose of Self-development?

A: Self-development enhances qualifications for a current position or helps prepare an individual for future positions

18. Q Para 7 Why does the Army Train?

A: The Army trains to provide ready forces to combatant commanders worldwide

19. Q Para 7 Why do Units Train?

A: Units train in garrison and while deployed to prepare for their mission and adapt their capabilities to any changes in an operational environment

23. Q Para 11 What does Individual training allow?

A: Individual training allows individuals to master fundamental skills

26. Q Para 12 What does Training in units focuses on?

A: improving unit, Soldier, and leader proficiencies

30. Q Para 13 What is critical in maintaining awareness of individual skills?

A: Documentation of individual training in all venues

53. Q Para 24 Who helps officers train units?

A: NCO’s

65. Q Para 30 What establishes the conditions that units must meet for training?

A: The unit training management operation order

70. Q Para 34 Why should Leaders follow the principles of leader development?

A: to develop other leaders