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What are the two qualifications that an AB AET holds?

*QM(AE) - qualified to maintaine

*QS (AE) - qualified to sign

QM and QS

What does the QM(AE) qualification give you authorisation to do?

*carry out supervised maintenance work on the specified aircraft type and mark.

*can sign for the supervised work in the MOD form 700C section 1

*can carry out...

*can sign for...

What does the QS(AE) qualification authorise you to do? What do you need to get this qualification?

*Can carry out and sign for flight servicing, oil replenishments and cirtain self-supervised routine maintenance operations.

*Must have a QM (AE) in the same aircraft.



What level of authority does an AB under training with no qualifications have?

A-requires 100% supervision


What level of authorisation does an ab with a QM have?

B-requires a 2nd signature


What level of authority does an AB with a QM and a QS have?

D - can complete both signatures om their own


What does self-supervised mean?

The person can sign both first and second signature.


What are the responsabilities that the 1st signature citifies has been completed?

A. The task was undertaken and completed in accordance with all applicable technical information and any additional instructions issues by thr task supervisor.

B. Where componants have been installed, they have been physically checked to ensure the item is correct and is correct modification state.

C. A loose artical check has been carried out.

D. All detatchable pannels and access doors removed or opened during maintenance tasks have been closed or refitted.

E. Tool control proceedures have been carried out.

A. In accordance...

B. Fitted componants...

C. ....check

D. Detachable panels and opened access doors....


How do you find out the modification state?

*look at mod plate

*serial number on Gold ESP

*part no on topic 3




What is gold esp?

An electronic version of MF700


Who normally signs a second signatory?

Your trade supervisor

You once fully qulified with QM and QS on a specific aircraft



Who normally signs the 3rd signatory?

Senior supervisor


What is the purpose of the MF700 seris?

A. Shows the servicability state of an aircraft or item of equiptment.

B. Certifys and records servicing of maintinance work that has been carried out.

C. Shows a technical history throughout the life of the airframe or components.

D. A forcast of when reqirements are due.

E. A method of asset management and tracking.

A. Servicability

B. Certifies...

C. Tec history

D. Forcasts

E. AM and T

What is in MF700C section 1?

Aircraft Maintinance Log MF707a

Maintenance Work Order MF707b(is)

Instructions for Use MF799/5


What is MF700C section 4 consist of?

Flying Log and Equiptment Running Log MF724

Flight Servicing Cirtificate MF705

Supplementary Flight Servicing Register MF705ssr

Supplementary Flight Servicing Cirtificate MF705ssc

Armorment loading cirtificate MF705a

Oil Replenishment and Sampling Record MF737

Instructions for Use MF799/4


What does MF700c section 11 consist of?

Leading Particulars MF701

Register of Controlled MOD forms MF713

General Instructions for Use and Index MF799/1


What does MF700C section 2 consist of?

Limitations Log MF703

List of Modifications and STIs of Direct Operating Intrest to Aircrew MF703A

Instructions for Use MF799/2


What does section 3 of MF700C consist of?

Acceptable Deffered Faults Log MF704

Acceptable Defferd Husbandry Log MF704A

Instructions for Use MF799/3


Section 5 of the MF700C consist of what?

Simplified WRAM Asset Activity Printout MF721 (WRAM)

Instructions for Use MF799


MF700c section 8 consists of what?

Power Check Record MF711

Compass Calibation MF712A

Main Rotor Control Rigging MF728

Instruction For Use MF799/8 & 10