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What does "ASTM" stand for and what is it?
American Society for Testing & Materials is a standards writing organization. ASTM doesn't actually perform tests; its tests are used by testing agencies.
What does "ANSI" stand for and what is it?
American National Standards Institute is a standards approving organization.
What is a model building code? Give an example of the primary model code used in the US.
A building code written by a group of experts without reference to any geographical area that can be adopted into state and local jurisdictions.

The International Building Code (IBC) of 2000 is the primary model code used.
What are adjuncts to building codes? Give an example of one.
Companion codes that govern other aspects of construction.

Ex. National Electrical Code
International Zoning Code
California Code of Regulations

1. is based on what model building code?
2. has how many titles?
3. Which title is the California Build Stds Code (CBSC)
4. How many parts are in the CBSC?
5. Which part is primary California Building Code (CBC)?
1. International Building Code
2. 28 titles
3. Title 24
4. 12 Parts
5. Part 2
What is a matrix adoption table?
A table used at the beginning of each chapter of the code to determine which part of the CBC a state agency has adopted and/or amended.
Are building codes a maximum or minimum requirement?
What are essential facilities?
Buildings and other structures that are intended to remain operational in the event of natural disaster.
The CBC divides all buildings/structures into 4 occupany categories based on their importance as an essential facility. Define Occ Cat I, II, III andIV
Occ Cat I - lowest importance category (low hazard to human life in event of bldg failure)
Occ Cat II - all other buildings/structures not in categories I, III and IV
Occ Cat III - buildings that represent substantial hazard to life (schools)
Occ Cat IV - highest importance category (hospitals, fire and police stations...)
Who is responsible for enforcing the CBC?
The local building department.
What is zoning?
A local regulation that governs the allowable use of land.
What is the legal basis for giving authority to the states for adopting and enforcing building codes?
United States Constitution (10th Amendment)
1. What does AHJ stand for?
2. What powers/authority do they have?
1. Authority Having Jurisdiction (local)
2. Authority to enforce the CBC:
-Permitting and inspection process
-Code violations: Enter and inspect public and private properties if reasonable cause
-Stop work order & discontinued use (violation)
-Make modifications to the code if impractical
-Approve alternate materials
Who is responsible for enforcing codes for licensed clinics with outpatient services?
Local building department
Who is responsible for enforcing codes for acute care hospitals?
Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD)
Who is responsible for publishing approved building standards in one state building standards codes (Title 24)?
Building Standards Commission (BSC)
What does SFM stand for in the CBC?
Standards that have been amended by the Office of the State Fire Marshal
Who is responsible for enforcement of building standards related to fire and panic safety?
-R-3 occupancies - local fire marshall or local bldg. dept.
-Corporate cities and districts - local fire marshal
-Outside of corp. cities and districts - SFM
Who is responsible for enforcing accessibility for non-housing buildings?
Division of the State Architect (DSA)
Who is responsible for ensuring structural safety?
Division of the State Architect (DSA)
Who regulates the construction of housing (incl. hotels motels, etc.)?
Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)
Who reviews and inspects health facility construction?

acute care hospitals,

skilled nursing facilities (separate bldg.)

licensed outpatient clinics (separate bldg.),

correctional treatment centers
Office of Statewide Health Planning Development
Who is responsible for setting the state's building efficiency and appliance standards?
California Energy Commission (CEC)
Who is responsible for regulating consumer services buildings (barbershops, pharmacies, veterinary facilities)?
Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
Who is responsible for regulating local detention facilities?
Corrections Standards Authority (CSA)
What are planning and zoning issues in CA that require special review based on environment?
Historic properties (Historic Site Board)

Sensitive plant or animal life (CEQA)
Between ocean and 1st public roadway (Coastal Permit)

Sloping land (Hillside Review Permit)