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1 Samuel 1
Hannah and Samuel's birth.
A mule is born to a large woman up in a tree which is full of blue ribbons; she used to be barren.
1 Samuel 3
God speaks to Samuel
A mule perched on a stool listens, is in a trance, with great thought bubbles coming out of his ears.
1 Samuel 5
Philistines get the Ark, and tumors and mice break out in their land.
A bunch of mules who are terribly deformed from tumors, are wearing surgical gloves while trying to defend the Ark of God from hoards of mice wearing many ribbons.
1 Samuel 6
Philistines return ark to Israel, and more than 50,000 Israelites die from looking into it.
An ark, which is covered with ribbons, contains a revolver, which shoots any mule who looks into the ark.
1 Samuel 7
Israel returns to the Lord, and defeats the Philistines. Samuel sets up the Ebenezer stone.
Many mule gathering around a huge dice, which they set up to commemorate god's help to them.
1 Samuel 8
Israel wants a king, so God chooses Saul. Samuel anoints him as king.
A mule anointing a very handsome Spider, who is also honored with ribbons.
1 Samuel 13
War with Philistines, Saul wrongly offers the burnt offering.
A mule with a witch inside of it offering a burnt offering instead of waiting for the ribboned priest.
1 Samuel 14
Jonathan, Saul's son, single-handedly strikes the garrison of the Philistines. He is almost put to death by Saul, for eating honey after Saul had pronounced a curse on anyone who ate food during that day.
A brave mule conquers an army of ribboned soldiers, eats a gold ring, and almost dies as a result.
1 Samuel 15
Saul defeats the Amalekites, but instead of destroying them utterly, he sins by saves the king and the best of the livestock to "offer to the Lord".
A mule dreaming of money and ribbons, which he plans to sacrifice to the Lord, instead destroying
1 Samuel 16
David is chosen by God as the king in Saul's place.
A mule which uses a candy cane to shepherd his sheep, is chosen for king, and given a wreath of ribbons.
1 Samuel 17
David and Goliath.
A mule attacking a giant. He slings a sharp tooth into it's head using a sling made of a bright blue ribbon.
1 Samuel 18
David is highly esteemed in Israel, and Saul is angered and starts to seek his life.
A mule wears a graduation hat after winning a great battle. The king tries to spear the hat with his spear.
1 Samuel 19
Saul tries to kill David several different times. Finally he tries to kill him while he is staying with Samuel, but all his messengers and eventually Saul himself end up only prophesying.
A mule sets out to kill another mule, but ends up prophesying of golf clubs and ribbons.
1 Samuel 20
Jonathan warns David of his father's intentions by shooting arrows into field.
A mule warns his friend to escape by shooting cigarettes far out into a field.
1 Samuel 21
David eats consecrated bread and also pretends to be mad, to escape his enemies.
A mule acts mad, by buying empty bear bottles and eating bread out of the temple.
1 Samuel 24
David saves Saul's life the first time while he was sleeping in the cave.
A mule has the chance to kill his enemy, but chooses instead to cut off a portion of his rob, which is like a wedding dress.
1 Samuel 25
Samuel Dies, and David marries Abigail.
An old mule prophet dies, from eating too many quarters.
1 Samuel 26
David saves Saul's life the second time, while he is sleeping in the camp.
A mule has the chance to kill his enemy, but instead chooses to steel his shoe, and gun.
1 Samuel 30
David rescues his wives and family who were taken away during a raid of the Amalekites.
A valiant mule runs and rescues his wives, from the hands of his enemies, who had forced them to carry their stools, and armloads of donuts.
1 Samuel 31
Philistines kill Saul.
A mule who is sitting up in a tree on a stool, suddenly keels over dead, and falls out of the tree