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Numbers 1  
Organization of the people and priests throughout the camp. Census of Israel taken.  
All the children of Israel holding different flags, and arrayed throughout the branches of a great big tree.  
Numbers 4  
Ministry of the Levites  
A bunch of priest busily engaged in a bustle of activity around cars. Some are cleaning the inside, others are polishing the fenders.  
Numbers 5  
Sanctification of the people. Nazirite Vow.  
The children of Israel polishing them selves off with white gloves.  
Numbers 7  
Worship. Israel gives Donations, Levites are Consecrated, and the Passover is Celebrated.  
Many centipedes rolling dice to determine how much to give to the Lord, and who will celebrate the Passover.  
Numbers 9  
The Cloud  
A great billowing cloud over the camp of Israel. It is shaped like a great big cat.  
Numbers 10  
Silver trumpets and departure from mount Sinai  
A centipede trying to blow a silver trumpet, to announce that it is time to depart from Mount Sinai. However, it is having trouble, because there is a great big toe stuck in the end of it.  
Numbers 11  
Complaining of the people and Moses. God sends quail and plagues.  
A huge flock of quail comes swooping in. Hundreds are butchered, and strung up on a line between two goal posts. Everyone is complaining because of the stench.  
Numbers 12  
Miriam and Aaron rebel.  
Miriam and Aaron throwing eggs at Moses.  
Numbers 16  
Korah Rebels  
A bunch of Centipedes walking before the Lord with candy canes in their censors rather than incense.  
Numbers 17  
Confirmation of Priest-Aaron’s rod buds.  
A priest holding a rod that has sprouted with dollar bills  
Numbers 18  
Portion of the priests allotted, tithes, etc...  
A bunch of priests wearing graduation hats to prove that they are eligible to receive support.  
Numbers 19  
Red Heifer  
A centipede carefully using a golf club to carefully spoon the ashes of a red heifer into a basin of water.  
Numbers 20  
Moses’s sin of striking the rock. Miriam and Aaron die.  
Moses striking a rock with a long cigarette.  
Numbers 21  
Bronze Serpent. Victory over the Amorites, Bashan, Canaanites.  
A large beer bottle is stood up temporarily instead of the serpent. It is smashed down throughout the course of several victorious battles.  
Numbers 22  
Balaam and Balak  
A centipede trying to harm Israel with a 22, but every time he shoots at them, blessings come out rather than bullets.  
Numbers 25  
Israel sins with the Moabites, God sends the plague, and Phinehas stops it.  
God’s judgment raining down on Israel in a cloud of quarters, which causes a plague.  
Numbers 26  
Second Census and Dividing of the Land  
Israel is numbered and divided into groups as to who will inherit the land. People are identified by the number of bullet holes in their shoes.  
Numbers 27  
Moses is set aside, and Joshua is appointed.  
Two centipedes are being voted into office. They each take off one of their many shoes, and hold it out, for a dice to be thrown into. Whoever gets the right number wins.  
Numbers 28  
Sacrifices, offerings, Vows.  
A bunch of centipedes catching spiders, and offering them up as sacrifices. Each one is boiled in a shoe.  
Numbers 31  
Victory and destruction of Midean.  
Some centipedes perched up in trees on stools sniping at the Mideanites.  
Numbers 33  
Division of Land and conquering of its inhabitants.  
A bunch of centipedes sitting around on many stools with maps in their hands, and swords at their side. They are consulting with God about the new land.  
Numbers 35  
Special cities for Levites and for refuge.  
A bunch of centipedes designating special cities in which everyone has to wear gloves.