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The U.S. icon "Uncle Sam" was based on Samuel Wilson, who worked during the War of 1812 as a what?
Meat inspector
Who did artist Grant Wood use as the model for the farmer in his classic painting "American Gothic"?
His dentist
The song "God Bless America" was originally written for what 1918 musical?
Yip, Yip, Yaphank
The Ireng River in Guyana borders what other South American country?
In Edward Hopper's painting "Nighthawks" a sign atop the diner advertises what cigar brand?
On "Sesame Street", the feathers on the Big Bird costume, excluding the tail, are from what bird?
What tropical fruit is not allowed on Singapore subways because its odor is so strong?
"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" is inscribed in the lobby of what agency's headquarters?
In 1957, Jorn Utzon won an international competition to design what architectural landmark?
Sydney Opera House
In the 1800's, Jokers were added to decks of cards to enable players to play a version of what game?
What U.S. president's remains were exhumed in 1991 to determine if he had actually been poisoned to death?
Zachary Taylor
Who was the only patriot participating in Paul Revere's famous 1775 ride to make it to Concord, MA?
Dr. Samuel Prescott
In January 1995, who became the first celebrity to appear in the well-known "milk mustached" ad-campaign?
Naomi Campbell
On October 1, 1962, who introduced Johnny Carson as the new host of "The Tonight Show"?
Groucho Marx
The word "boycott" comes from the name of Charles C. Boycott, who was ostracized in 1880 for not doing what?
Reducing rents
Who is the only celebrity with five Hollywood Walk of Fame stars--for excellence in radio, TV, film, music and theater?
Gene Autry
On the TV series "Star Trek," Lieutenant Uhura's name comes from a Swahili word meaning what?
In 1844, Samuel Morse transmitted the first telegraph message from Washington, D.C. to what U.S. city?
In the 1939 movie "Gone With The Wind" what is Scarlett O'hara's real first name?
The video game system Atari takes its name from a term used in what game?
The Natural First Ladies Library is located in the former Ohio home of what U.S. president's wife?
William McKinley
Discovered in 1933, polyvinylidene chloride is more commonly known as what?
In 1964, who became the first male to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine?
Peter Sellers
In 1919, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks helped co-found what movie studio?
United Artists
Nineveh was a capital city of what ancient empire?
Published in 1936, the first issue of Life Magazine had a Margaret Bourke-White photo of a what on its cover?
Who was emporer of Rome when Jesus Christ was crucified?
How many calories does a person have to burn to lose one pound of fat?
What country's Capital lies on the Molongo River?
What is the title of Cassius Marcellus Coolidge's famous painting of dogs cheating while playing poker?
A Friend In Need
New Zealand is named after a Province in what nation?
The Netherlands
What Bob Hope movie introduced his signature song, “Thanks for the Memory”?
The Big Broadcast of 1938
In 1963 what soap opera was interrupted by Walter Cronkite breaking news of the Kennedy assassination?
On the California coast, what kind of fish is known for coming ashore and laying its eggs on the beach?
What 1955 film was the first winner of the Cannes Film Festival's prestigious Palme D'Or award?
After calcium, what is the second most abundant mineral in the human body?
Influenza was named in the 15th Century by Italians who believed it was caused by the "influence" of what?
Stars and planets
In 1974, what became the first U.S. consumer item to be produced and sold in the Soviet Union?
Pepsi-Cola soda
The Earth orbits the Sun at approximately what speed?
67,000 mph
Andrew Wyeth's painting "Christina’s World" depicts a field and farmhouse in what New England town?
What brand was named for the travelling salesman-turned-food critic who wrote "Adventures in Good Eating"?
Duncan Hines
What famous singer was the inspiration for the 1973 hit single "Killing Me Softly"?
don mclean
The color blue is created in fireworks by burning compounds of what metal?
After Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981, what boxer did he quote when he said "Honey, I forgot to duck?"
Jack Dempsey
In 1935, which of these men co-invented the perfusion pump, predecessor to the artificial heart?
Charles Lindbergh
Snoopy's favorite line "It was a dark and stormy night." is the first line of a novel by what Victorian author?
Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Measuring 9.5 in magnitude, the largest earthquake of the 20th century took place in what country?
What term is used to describe the time it takes for the Sun to orbit the center of the Milky Way galaxy?
Cosmic year
In the 1894 novel "Trilby," the hypnotic villain Svengali teaches the title character what?
The center of the Earth is approximately how many miles below the Earth's surface?
In which of these countries do motorists normally drive on the right-hand side of the street?
How many signatures are on the Declaration of Independence?
Despite never having joined the Confederacy, which of these states was represented by a star on the Confederate battle flag?
In 1959, Eleanor Roosevelt appeared in a TV commercial pitching what product?
Good Luck margarine
Issued in 1934 for use by Federal Reserve Banks, the $100,000 bill features what U.S. president on its front?
Woodrow Wilson
In 1991, the artist Christo lined a California valley with 1,760 umbrellas of what color?
During her lifetime, what author's novels were published anonymously under the credit "By a Lady"?
Jane Austen
The name of a type of Asian dumpling "won ton" is Chinese for what two words?
Cloud, swallow
The ship "The Flying Dutchman" is said to haunt what part of the world?
Cape of Good Hope
Queen Victoria's 1840 wedding is credited with popularizing what tradition?
White bridal gown
Jim Nabor's character Gomer Pyle belongs to what branch of the military?
Quoting econmist Adam Smith, Napoleon dismissed England as a "nation of" what?
According to the Social Security Administration, what has been the most popular name for baby girls in the U.S. since 1995?
Which of these musicals does not feature songs written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein?
My Fair Lady
Thoughts to be the Earth's oldest living tree, the 4,700 year old Methesulah is what kind of tree?
In the classic Disney cartoons, what is the name of Donald Duck's sister?
According to Major League Baseball rules, how high off the field is the top of the pitcher's mound?
10 inches
In the 1994 movie "The Shawshank Redemption", what opera is played on the prison loudspeaker?
The Marriage of Figaro
Strawberry Field, a favorite childhood hangout of John Lennon's, was what kind of establishment?
On the 1980s sitcom, "Benson," Benson becomes lieutenant governor of what state?
The word "plagiarism" comes from the Latin word "plagiarius" meaning what?
What U.S. president had the most children, fathering 15 kids over 45 years?
John Tyler
What is the title of the Dorothy Parker poem that goes "Men seldom make passes/At girls who wear glasses"?
News Item
The 1963 novelty song "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh" takes its melody from what classical work?
Dance of the Hours
In 1929, the rights to what fictional character were donated to a London children's hospital?
Peter Pan
What is the name of the young boy in Ernest Hemingway's story "The Old Man and the Sea"?
A lemniscate is a figure that resembles what mathematical symbol?
Infinity sign
In 1804, Lewis and Clark were joined by Sacagawea in the territory that is now part of what US state?
North Dakota
John Singleton Copley's 1768 portrait of Paul Revere depicts him holding what?
Introduced in 1912, what was the first flavor of Life Savers candy?
What toy was first introduced at a 1959 international toy fair under the name "L'Ecran Magique"?
Etch A Sketch
What is the first line of Little League Baseball's official pledge?
I trust in God
What author wrote six romantic novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott?
Agatha Christie
In the "Archie" comic book series, what is Jughead's real first name?
Anti-Communist leader Joseph McCarthy served as a U.S. Senator for what state?
In the US version of Monopoly, what is the only real estate property not named after an Atlantic City location?
Marvin Gardens
In the 1880s, what popular soft drink was invented at Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, TX?
Dr Pepper
McDonald's founder Ray Kroc served with what future entrepreneur in a WWI ambulance corps?
Walt Disney
The dachshund was originally bred to hunt what animal?
Which of these prominent Native American Leaders was from an Apache tribe?
A $40 million endowment created in 1924 prompted Trinity College to change its name to what?
Duke University
Who was the first person to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
Joanne Woodward
The alligator is naturally found in the United States and what other country?
Built in 1752, the world's oldest existing zoo is located in what European city?
Cricket, Baseball, and Round the Clock are all popular variations of what game?
The word "paparazzi" comes from the name of an aggressive photographer in what movie?
La Dolce Vita
What is the only U.S. state without a mandatory seat belt law for adults?
New Hampshire
Which of these words is derived from a Greek word meaning "dancing place"?
What is the name of the flag flown at Buckingham Palace to indicate the Queen is in residence?
The Royal Standard
Of the approximately 4,500 mammal species on Earth, over 900 are what type of animal?
What is the architectural term for the part of the church where the congregation usually sits?
The logo for the Broadway musical "Les Miserables" depicts what character as a little girl?
What U.S. professional sports team has retired the most uniform numbers?
Boston Celtics
Which of these men had never been elected to public office before becoming U.S. President?
Herbert Hoover
Girl detective Nancy Drew made her debut in the 1930 book titled "The Secret of the" what?
Old Clock
With over 3 billion passengers a year, what city's subway system is the world's busiest?
According to tradition, tourists throw coins into the Trevi Fountain to guarantee what?
Return to Rome
In "The Communist Manifesto", Marx and Engels wrote, "The proletarians have nothing to lose but their" what?
What is the first name of best-selling childrens' author J.K. Rowling?
Crude oil is classified as "sweet" or "sour" based on its content of what substance?
On the TV show "Teletubbies," the friendly Noo-Noo is what type of appliance?
Vacuum Cleaner
The uppermost vertebra in the human spine is called the what?
Which of these words was formerly used to refer to a Japanese shogun?
What is the full last name of jazz saxophonist Kenny G?
What nationality was the 16th-century astronomer Copernicus?
The Petronas Towers, considered to be the world's tallest buildings, are in what country?
"Banzai", the Japanese battle cry is derived from a phrase meaning what?
Ten Thousand Years
Gary Fisher is a leading brand of what type of sporting gear?
Mountain bikes
"Patzer" is slang for someone who is bad at playing what?
In a 1995 speech, Fed chairman Alan Greenspan coined what phrase to refer to the booming stock market?
Irrational exuberance
The folk song "Home on the Range" is the official song of what U.S. state?
In England, what sports matches re divided into 7 minute units called 'chukkas"?
In 1972 who did Bobby Fischer beat to become the world chess champion?
Boris Spassky
The classic play the Iceman Cometh takes place in what establishment?
In France, the English Channel is known as "La Manche," meaning what?
The sleeve
Prolific science-fiction author Kilgore Trout is a recurring character in what author's novels?
Kurt Vonnegut
Due to its long rotational period, what planet's day is equivalent to 243 Earth days?
Opened in 1978, what was Atlantic City's first casino hotel?
Jean-Joseph Mouret's "Rondeau" is best known as the theme music for what television show?
Masterpiece Theatre
Traditional Punch & Judy puppet shows commonly feature a dog named what?
In 1963 what soap opera was interrupted by Walter Cronkite breaking news of the Kennedy assassination?
as the world turns