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What type of training is requiered before you give acces to COMSEC materials?
Local COMSEC Training
What system is comprised of all COMSEC central offices of record, cryptological depots, and COMSEC accounts?
COMSEC material control system (CMCS).
What type of material does COMSEC materials include
Key, equipment, devices, documents, and software that holds or describes cryptographic logic.
Individuals who have access to COMSEC materials are called what?
What is the multipurpose form used for COMSEC accounting transactions?
Standard Form 153, COMSEC Material Report
What form is used to record daily, shift, or other local inventories of COMSEC material?
AFCOMSEC Form 16 Daily / Shift inventory
If you work in a 24-hr facility, and the COMSEC security containers are kept open all the time, when, if ever, should you perform inventories of the COMSEC material?
At Shift change
For other than shift workers, when should you inventory COMSEC material that is stored in a locked or sealed container
On days when the container is open.
What is the name given to the controls afforded to Top Secret material?
Two-person integrity TPI.
What type of COMSEC material must be stored in a GSA-approved steel container?
Confidential and Secret
How should the inner rapper of COMSEC material destined for shipment be marked?
With the TO and FROM addresses and special handling instructions on the top and bottom of each side.
What type of COMSEC incident has occurrec when a person is captured by a known or suspected hostile intelligence entity?
What type of COMSEC incident has occured when equipment malfunctions adversely affect the crypto-security of a Machine, auto-manual, or manual crypto system?