Yosemite National Park Essay

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Imagine a scenic, wild landscape with animals that roam freely, cascading waterfalls, and mountains that seem to scrape the pale blue sky. This is what one thinks when first hearing the name Yosemite National Park. Unfortunately, the reality is completely opposite. Yosemite is now under a federally regulated Class 1 area under the Clean Air Act, which is equivalent to the pollution of Los Angeles (“National Parks Service”). It is a sad comparison to the past John Muir, who first documented Yosemite Valley, to today’s reality. The condition of Yosemite National Park should be introduced to the American public in order to protect its historic beauty and significance, eliminate current pollution, and prevent future repercussions. …show more content…
Slowly, people started to fill the large Park, flocking to certain sites and causing the start of pollution. Jim Robbins writes in his book Last Refuge: The Environmental Showdown in Yellowstone and the American West, “the sixteen cell jail at Yosemite is full all summer” (186). Originally, if one was to enter Yosemite National Park, he or she would have got on a train to go to an outpost and get a horse or walked, when the car was invented and widely used, Yosemite had to create a different road. “Just one highway channels park traffic east to west; on either side stretch miles of absolutely roadless wilderness, much of it timberline” illustrates the traffic control of the age (Melham 93). Several signs were also posted at the time to regulate car traffic such as bus riding signs, horse riding signs, and hiking/ walking signs. Each of the signs encouraged the visitors to leave their cars behind and explore through more ecologically friendly means. With the cars came the introduction of ozone to the “size (760,917)… variety of native plants and animals” (Frome 156). Eventually the ozone had built up causing new problems, “…deposition of nitrogen from the atmosphere to the Sierra… is up to five times higher than the 19th century levels”, of course not as built up as it is now, the ozone still caused health

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