“Where Do You Release Your Endorphins?” Essay example

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Lakeville is a moderate sized suburban community that consists of people of all ages and multiple levels of social class. The city tries to provide its residents with a safe, well-rounded, and positive environment. They have succeeded in establishing places for people to gather, interact, and become healthy through their parks and other recreational facilities. Two popular locations are North Park and Life Time Fitness.
The city of Lakeville strives to create a vibrant community through people, parks, and programs. Public spaces such as parks provide tremendous community assets, serving not only as a place to relax, relate to nature and recreate, but to also play an important role in building community by creating places for social
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Parks have long been recognized as key contributors to the aesthetic and physical quality of neighborhoods. Today, people realize that parks are more than recreation and visual assets to communities; they are valuable contributors to larger community policy objectives, such as public health, youth development, job opportunities, social and cultural exchange, and community building. At the community level parks play a special role, they have something to offer everyone from young children and teens, to families, adults and the elderly; their presence can also be a cohesive force. They are more than places to recreate and relate to nature; parks can also offer a multitude of opportunities to engage in arts and music. A park can be a community focal point, a symbol of its vitality and character, adding to its overall health, well-being and quality of life. Every park user knows the benefits of green space, especially in urban and suburban environments, but the benefits of our parks, trails, and green spaces extend far beyond users - daily they touch the lives of every person who lives and works in the community. From improving our physical and psychological health, to strengthening our communities, and making our cities and neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work - the benefits of parks are endless - to individuals, our communities, the economy and the environment. One of Lakeville’s most noted recreation sites is North Park. It is

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