When the Army Kicks you to the Curb Essay

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Reintegration into civilian life after serving in the armed forces is a societal issue that does not receive enough attention. Regardless of when and how a soldier leaves the military, it is a life adjustment and should not be considered lightly. Being a veteran, mother of a veteran and the daughter of a veteran I have suffered a personal witness to this reintegration process 3 times in my life time. There are individuals that choose to make a career out of the military and endure all the military has to dish out in order to earn their retirement benefits; however, there are others that find themselves retired for medical reasons. For medical retirement all branches of our armed forces use a regulation known as the Temporary Disability …show more content…
This is precisely what happened to Sergeant Anthony W. Staiger, Sr. and he is

not alone. Many soldiers are diagnosed with mental illnesses at an alarming rate (McGrane, 2011). In 2010 Sergeant Staiger was told he was going before a medical board to be evaluated because his mental disorders where a distraction and a liability to his unit (A. Staiger, personal communication, November 3, 2013). Anyone one can appreciate that a soldier with a mental illness should not be on the front lines; however, after 10 years of honorable service it would seem the very organization kicking the soldier to the curb is the very same organization that brought the soldier to the mental state that Sergeant Staiger and many other veterans live with on a daily basis. Sergeant Staiger struggles to function as a father, husband, son and friend to all that are dear to him. This group of veterans, the mentally ill, have many obstacles on their journey to just simply feel comfortable in their own skin. According to Sergeant Staiger mental health problems go regularly unreported in the Army because of the stigma the military places on the individual soldier that reports having these problems. There seems to be an unwritten rule that all soldiers are aware of and the consequences that come with it. The majority of the time it causes ostracization from the soldier’s unit and as a direct consequence of this many

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