Essay on Urban Perspectives

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The interpretation of an urban environment incorporates several perspectives that co-exist and interact to create an ultimate experience of an area. Contradictory views of a single region certainly exist however; together they create a single neighborhood because each district integrates different perceptions to generate a single experience. Although the appearance and performance of the city are the traditional focus of urban planning, the city's population and economic resources are an important concern which creates entirely different observation viewpoints. Thus, contemporary city planning continues to focus on physical design, but also attempts to address the many long-range social and economic decisions that must be made. As a …show more content…
The third perspective is certainly the most entertaining, and involved, this is the soft city, personified by the taxi driver. In this instance, the perspective of the city develops through an excellent sense of familiarity and experience with the district. The soft city experience entails elements such as common fashions, speech patterns and public attitudes among the individuals who experience the same form of the soft city. The three perspectives of a single area both intentionally and accidentally facilitate each other to produce a single location, but fabricate varying experiences based upon the different ways of interacting with the neighborhood.

The ideal location to explore the three interpretations of the city and the various practices of its inhabitants is Queen Street West, more specifically Queen Street West from Younge Street heading west towards Spadina. Queen Street is considered the trendy neighborhood of Toronto comparable to New York's Soho. In fact, the Queen Street signs boast the slogan "Fashion District." (Fig. 5) The fashion district is laced with outgoing stores exploding with the latest trends. The area is perfect to observe daily interactions from different interpretations. Expression is also a staple of Queen Street, from the national icon of `Speakers Corner' to small details such as the graffiti on the `National Post' box, which equates the `National Post' to being the `Fascist Post'.

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