United States Foreign Affairs Essay

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The objective of the United States foreign policy, per President Barack Obama, is to do "everything we can to protect American citizens," and also states it is his highest priority.12 Since the Cold War, and particularly after the September 11 terrorist attacks, the United States has seriously set their sights on foreign affairs and spreading democracy for the betterment of the world. Most recently, the United States foreign affairs have involved political riots in Egypt and Libya, discontent with China’s human rights abuse, the War on Terror with Iraq and Afghanistan, and the threat of nuclear weapons in Iran and sanctions against.
Egypt's former president, Mubarak, was pressured to step down from power. With either decision – of
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Gadhafi, unlike Mubarak, is a relentless dictator and has, “clung to power even as the international community discussed way to isolate him.”7 As the citizens of Libya journey through this period of strife and cruelty from they’re government, they are finally hopeful they will have a voice: one citizen reflecting, “‘[f]or 42 years we didn’t speak. For 42 years this country was only for one man and his sons,’” as another says, “‘I was very scared, but now I’m quite proud.’”8 The United States has experienced criticism from other nations, such as Brazil, regarding the United States’ location while this violence continues to occur in Libya. Much of the public is currently asking: "Where is the United States, and what is it going to take for Washington to act?" 1 Although America and President Barack Obama, "strongly condemn the violence in Libya," instead of attacking the forefront by ourselves, "we are joining with the rest of the world in sending a clear message... that violence is unacceptable and that the Libyan Government will be held accountable." 1 Thus, the United States, rather than intervening, is on the path to working with others to solve foreign conflicts as peacefully as possible. 1, 7, 8, 6
In China, there have been many groups to rise above the government's restrictions regarding Internet use. Rebels are now

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