Transgender in America Essay examples

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I would like to start my research paper on Transgender by informing the reader on what the definition and the terms for Transgender are. According to an online journal found on the American Psychological Association on Psychotherapy, it is explained that transgender identity is usually known as incompatible between a person’s sex assigned at birth such as male or female and their internal sense of their gender identity (Budge, 2013). Many individual transgender identify themselves as male or female, where others will identify themselves as transgender. “Though “transitioning” has often been used to describe a medical transition (e.g., after sexual reassignment surgery), psychotherapists are encouraged to use the term to …show more content…
Transgender is a term that includes a variety of gender identity expressions such as:
1. People assigned female at birth who are now living as men (FTMs).
2. People assigned male at birth who are now living as women (MTFs).
3. People who view themselves as neither women nor men.
4. People who view themselves as both women and men.
5. People who sometimes present as the other sex, such as cross-dressers and drag queens.
6. People born intersex and thus hard to categorize. (Intersex people may be born with “ambiguous” genitalia, too small for a penis, too large for a clitoris; or a mixture of genitalia. Other types of intersex people have “normal”-looking genitalia at birth, but turn out to have “opposite sex” internal reproductive organs, an inability to process a key hormone, or an unusual chromosomal pattern. Hermaphrodite is an old, out-of-favor term for some intersex patterns); and
7. Just about anyone else who doesn’t fit the social rules about what men and women are supposed to look like, identify as, or do (Lev, 2004). The problem is that although there is a wide and more complex gender diversity, the world we live in keeps reinforcing the belief that gender is binary and immutable. That is the main reason why in order for us to cope with the idea of a

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