To show how Charles Dickens presents Good and Evil characters

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To show how Charles Dickens presents Good and Evil characters

In the beginning of the Victorian period many children (orphans) were forced to turn to crime mainly because the children in the workhouse were mistreated and abused. Another reason is many people were migrating, which resulted to a growth in the population, which left many children homeless. Charles Dickens has based his novel, 'Oliver
Twist' on this. He compares Oliver with what life was like for boys in the 18th Century. Throughout the story Oliver encounters many evil characters and a few virtuous characters. The evil characters try to persuade him to lead the life of crime while as the good characters save him and enable Oliver and the reader to learn that a
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However, it is Mr Bumble who is cold and heartless for not realising the orphans are hungry. He feels the children already receive too many comforts from the workhouse. Given that Mr Bumble opposes the Christian ethoss of the parish, he is presented as a misanthropist who is violent and evil through his description and actions.

Another evil character Oliver is faced with is Mr Sowerberry. He is an undertaker who takes Oliver in, after the incident where Oliver asked for more food. A place in which Mr Sowerberry's icy ways were shown is when he made Oliver sleep amongst coffins:

'Oliver was fed table scraps and had to sleep among coffins.'

This suggests Mr Sowerberry was an evil, malicious and wicked character. As Oliver was sent to Mr Sowerberry after the occasion when
Oliver asked for more food, it seems this is a punishment from Mr
Sowerberry as well. But Oliver was not actually being greedy, he was just being a normal person, what anybody would do when they were being starved to death. This shows Mr Sowerberry is just as much an evil character as Mr Brownlow. Dickens shows Mr Sowerberry is a bad character through his behaviour, personality and job.

Charles Dickens presents the Artful Dodger as a bad character, who is an orphan. Like Oliver, he is faced with a choice to be a child in the workhouse or pursue the life of crime. But unlike Oliver he chooses the bad

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