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World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc trading as WWE is one of the several entertainment companies based in America that are privately owned and controlled and publicly traded that concentrates on professional wrestling. Majority of their income is based on the music, films, product licensing as well as direct product sales. It is apparently the largest professional wrestling company in the world with a viewership of up to 13 million people in the USA only and reaching out to other 145 countries in 30 different languages. WWE has two major brands that it works under; Raw and SmackDown. The mission of the WWE Inc is to provide a worldwide range of products in line of entertainment. This solicits a …show more content…
As part of our business strategy, we continue to pursue initiatives to strengthen our brands, expand internationally, effectively use our valuable library of wrestling content, and explore options in filmed entertainment…” this summarizes the strategy hat WWE uses to ensure that they keep their market in position and their client base intact each year.
Internal analysis For such a big and stable organization, there are a number of internal factors that make it a global leader in its market niche. There are several factors that must be considered ranging from the product, positioning, promotion and even the competitive edge the organization has over the competing companies.
Strengths of WWE One of the most fundamental factors that give WWE its strength is the promotion or marketing strategy that it adopts. The marketing is so thorough that every now and then, the WWE comes up with a new way of making its product visible. These include the TV adverts, brochures, apparels, danglers, magazines, the internet, T-shirts and other clothing bust the most intriguing is the use of SMS to individual fans that not only makes the brand visible but also generates money for the WWE (Clickatell, 2009). This is a step that was taken by the WWE in recognition of the fact that more

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