Essay on The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe

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When discussing romantic writers, Nathaniel Hawthorne, I believe, immediately comes to mind. Even though, Poe is not one of the authors that come to mind immediately, he cannot be forgotten as a romantic writer as well. People mainly think that Hawthorne and Poe are polar opposites but they are not so different. Yes, Hawthorne and Poe write differently and have different views they both write about the dark aspects of romanticism. When my sister was in high school her favorite subject was English, even though, she was not very good at it, she loved to write. Well when her English class got to the point of reading Poe and Hawthorne; my sister went against everybody’s expectations and fell in love with Poe and his writings. She loved the …show more content…
They are both allegorical writers and they do not have many things that separate them. Both Hawthorne and Poe grew up with either one of their parents dying or in Poe’s case both parents. Both of their lives basically started in tragedy. Beginning their lives in grief sets them up for a challenging life. Hawthorne who only his father passed away grew up with a loving mother but every boy needs a father figure in their life which Hawthorne was not able to have. Both of Poe’s parents died so he went to live with the Allan’s which was his foster family. The Allen’s moved around and eventually ended up moving to England. Poe moved back to Virginia to go to college. Both authors went to college in the United States and both were majoring in writing. Poe enlisted into the US Army for two years because he was not able to pay for his gambling debts and schooling, which caused Poe and his foster father to stop speaking and to start separating. Now Poe started going through life without a father for guidance as did Hawthorne. After establishing their lives and starting to write both Poe and Hawthorne became friends with other famous authors. Whether or not these acquaintances were helpful to them in their careers, they both became authors to remember. Hawthorne had Moby Dick by Herman Melville dedicated to him and Poe had a friend help him publish a few writings in a paper.

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