The Video Editor: A Behind-the-Scenes Look Essay

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It comes with little surprise that technology in recent years has shifted very rapidly and unpredictably. In the last thirty years the world has seen technological advances in almost every aspect of living—a trend likely to continue into the foreseeable future. This rapid growth has spawned new industries, such as the internet and consequentially created many new jobs (i.e. a web designer). Jobs, however, have not risen in all areas. Certain specialties, such as radio announcing, have declined considerably. Therefore it is important for students and prospective employees to consider the trends of technological advances when seeking viable career paths and jobs. Doing so will help people avoid taking positions that will soon be obsolete …show more content…
Being a good editor may take years of experience and education to develop, something that Jay Canode, former editor for Channel 3 news in Arizona, knows rather well. He provides great insight as to what goes on for an editor on an average day at work.
Currently, an editor for local news typically spends forty hours at work in a given week, though this can vary slightly from station to station. In this period of time he or she will put together news “packets”—or segments for the evening and late night news broadcast. These segments are pre-planned stories that are assembled in advance of the broadcast. He or she will combine field footage shot by cameramen with the interviews and commentary by the reporter, add music and design or use templates for text so that a complete and concise story is being told. The editor must be aware of certain rules that dictate what kind of footage can be shown such as blood, banned words, etc. These segments, after being reviewed by others (i.e. other editors and the station manager), are cued up for playback during the live broadcast.
Naturally, there is great emphasis placed on deadlines. If a news packet is not completed by the start of the six o’clock news, for example, there is a significant problem. Therefore, it is crucial that one in this position is able to thrive in high pressure environment. As previously mentioned, it is also important for one to possess

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