The Transportation Industry Essay

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The logistics/transportation industry accounts for a approximately 9% of the United States Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounting to roughly $930 billion dollars of revenue. (IRS) This unique industry continues to grow at a estimated levels with each year.
In 1769 a French engineer by the name of Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, introduced what became know as the first steam powered automobile. His invention resembled that of a tricycle although not the average size of a tricycle it was strangely oversized. It was designed as a means to transport cannons for the military, when not loaded his invention had a tendency to tip over due to the weight. Since his invention, several other engineers have attempted to market their improved
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His goal was to allow operators of large tractors the opportunity to produce their own fuel. With his break through in the development of this new engine and the fuel it ran on came the name Diesel engine and Diesel fuel. After Rudolf Diesel’s death in the early 1900’s, during the boom of fuel production ideas, a modified version of his vision was produced to keep pace with the demand of bigger and stronger trucks.
In the early 1900’s manufactures were not as concerned with the emission safety of these Diesel powered engines. Today the government is imposing stricter emission rules on all manufactures of transportation equipment.
Manufactures were searching for ways to transport larger quantities of their products, this created a transportation system knows as "piggybacking." Which occurred when loaded trailers were separated from the tractor and loaded directly onto a railroad flatcar? (Irs) This resulted in the flooding of the railroad system. By the early 1900’s manufactures began to stray away from this form of transportation as improvements to the truck design began to prove fruitful. By 1915 the construction and sales of trucks increased dramatically to well over one million by the 1920’s. With the construction of major highway systems, this not only provided work for these truck owners but

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