The Theme of Self-determinism in Fourth World Literature Essay

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Fourth world nations are obviously conscious reflections of the unfinished history which continues to assert the spirit of self-determinism of the millions of the displaced ones who constantly engage themselves in a struggle for justice and freedom in order to gain such a degree of sovereignty over their own national homeland for restoring their right to dignity and self-respect . These nations are conveniently called ‘internationally unrecognized’ nations. The term ‘fourth world’ which came into being in 1974 with the publication of George Manuel’s The Fourth World: An Indian Reality tends to accommodate all sorts of indigenous peoples descended from a country’s aboriginal population and who are today completely or partly deprived …show more content…
The de-humanized and deprived lot forming themselves as ‘a nation’ through forging unity of purpose stands up to speak in a language of assertion and self-determinism. Silence, for them, is guilt when fearless speech is the basic courage. It is this spirit of conviction which flows through the powerful words of expression of experiences in the Fourth World Literatures towards asserting individuals’ identity in the face of multiple threats from the existing power structures.
Dalits represent a community of more than 170 million in India. Despite the historical fact that they constitute around 17% of the total population of the nation, they are largely under-represented and made politically invisible. The voice of the dalits in India has long been suppressed by a system which is sponsored by the high caste Hindus. The economically disadvantaged dalits were forced to do mean jobs and carry with them loads of insults and worries as part of their daily life. Though there are ample provisions in Indian constitution preaching equality, equal rights before law, equal opportunities, and fair treatment all these glittering words of promises are only on empty paper. There is a dichotomy between the values that Indian constitution preaches

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