The Space Race Essay

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September 2, 1945, the two most powerful nations in the world broke into a war of pride and power, known as the Cold War. The Soviet Union and the United States battled fiercely for a reputation that would be venerated for ages to come. Aggressively, these two nations pushed to be the greatest in the world through politics, weapons, and science. These actions and attitudes significantly promoted the need for space exploration, and soon fueled a pursuit that altered history forever. The space race had many motivations and many things that kept the competition going. One of the main motivations was for military security. To have power in the world these countries needed to have missiles and rockets that could go higher, faster, and …show more content…
These in turn would become sources for social and economic benefits for the country. Although the political side of the space race wanted economic benefits, the most important motivation for this race would be the national prestige. If they were establish dominance in space the world would fear and respect you. You would lead the world in technology, science, communications, and economics. Not only would you lead in those but also you would have many accomplishments and new discoveries. The USSR and the US was developing rockets for some time before the Cold War and sought to use the rocket technology to reach outer space before their rival did. However the Soviets began the race with a huge lead. The first launch of a satellite, Sputnik I, was on October 4, 1957. The satellite weighed 184 pounds, and was 22.5 inches round, in the form of a sphere. Passing by the US every 96 minutes, its stroke fear into the minds of the wondering citizens below it. These satellites were soon modified to: photography of Earth, unlimited lifetime, and operational periods, and orbiting in highly elliptical areas of Earth . This artificial terror, built by the Soviet Union, became the motivational boost the Soviets needed to stay ahead of the US in the space race. Quickly, the CIA was trying to get reports from agents in the Soviet Union. They did one report from an agent in August 1959 saying,

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